Focusing on the Positive

I'm exhausted.  I'm sick.  I'm sick of winter.  I really could just be a big old baby right now and whine about those negatives.  But really?  Who the heck wants to hear whining?  It's just so boring.  Ugh.  Yuck!  I'd rather focus on the positive things in my life.  It's how I get through all of the other garbage.  

So, sitting here, cuddling with Izzy on the couch, after a pretty busy weekend, I have so much to be grateful for.  First and foremost, my family.  They are my world.  

Our Saturday mornings start early with Tucker's swim lessons -
thankfully Izzy can get in some swimming during his lessons.  

Last Wednesday, we had a snow day.   Which was wonderful - but what made it even better is that it was Ward's day off.  We dropped the kids off with his parents and had a little date time - shopping in Freeport at the LL Bean employee store (which is ALWAYS exciting to me) and then a delicious lunch at the Tusco Brick Oven Bistro.   

For a few hours, Carrie and I made the cover photo for Maine Running Photos on Facebook.  That is a big deal in Maine.  I kind of knew our fame wouldn't last, so I captured that moment forever with a screen shot.  Damn I love how easy it is to preserve memories like this!  

Running With The Girls made it big...making to the Awesome List of the Top 100 Best Running Blogs for 2014.  

A few weeks ago, I convinced Ward that we should get some barn cats since all of the mice in Gardiner found out we didn't have a cat anymore and decided to move it.  He told me I could bring home two.  I brought home three.  Oops!   Since we live in Maine and it's too cold to just put the cats outside in the barn, I convinced him that they could live in the basement.  Which was okay.  But it's still rather chilly in our unheated basement.  So, now I convinced him that they should be able to come upstairs - for small parts of the day.  So now, our feral cats that really don't like people, are really loving us....and hanging out near us all of the time.   They talk to me, rub up against me, and one even lets me pet him and pick him up.  I'd call that a win.  I should add, that I won them over by greeting them with wet food several times a day...and bags and bags of treats.  Hey, whatever it takes!!!    

Trouble....the 3rd one that I wasn't supposed to bring home.
But he is the friendliest by far!    

And then there was yesterday.  The Rail Trail Run Shop had our grand opening.  I'd call it a huge success.  And Harold came in for a visit and wrote all about it today.  

And I went home with my first pair of CWX pants.  Such an amazing feeling on tired, sore legs!!!  I wore them shopping today and got so many compliments.  I'll take compliments like that anytime.  

Your turn.  
Share your positives!  
A first run after an injury? 
Date night? 
Fun day with the kids?
Buy something new?  


  1. How cool to be on the FB page!!! When I ran Vermont City back in '04, my husband made the special insert in the newspaper the next day. There he was, long arms spread wide to get the crowds going for us. Very cool!!

  2. Love the cat story :) Sounds like something I would do. I think we are supposed to start warming into the 40s again this week! so ready for that!

  3. I could probably bring home a puppy every week and hubster wouldn't mind but he is a serious NO CAT kinda guy so I would be joining the cats in the barn heehee

  4. Ummm so you decided to get a cat and came home with 3?! Hilarious!! You are just such a famous gal!!

  5. Krysten @DarwinianFailFebruary 10, 2014 at 9:22 AM

    Love that you threw 2 extra cats into the mix!! So cute!


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