Shoe Review: Be Real

A few weeks back I was some rather unique shoes to try out.  Some Be Real Shoes.  

They are unlike so many minimalist shoes on the market.    They have the look of "toe shoes" but don't actually have the toe separators.  The toe box of the shoe is quite room and allows of the natural splay of the toes.  Which made my toes very happy.  

While these shoes are a lot of fun to look at and workout in, they are rather appealing in terms of their construction.  They are 100% made in the USA and are a green product.  Meaning the sole is made from a microplast rubber that is incredibly durable and recyclable.  The padding on the bottom of the shoe provides traction in all directions - which is great for all running surfaces - whether it's trails, roads, beaches, or hiking.  I can see myself using this shoe a lot this summer for hiking and heading to the beach.  They will make a great beach running shoe.

I've run with them outside, a few miles.  I like a little more padding than what they have for running on the road.  But when I head out on the trails this summer, I plan on using these.  Most of my usage has been on the treadmill and for cross training.  They really make great burpee shoes - and were my go-to-burpee shoe for the 1000 #ffburpee challenge this month.

These shoes are not available right now, but will be available shortly.  They will retail for $89.  You should check out Be Real shoes on Facebook or check out their website.  Right now they are offering a 20% coupon if you sign up for their newsletter prior to the release.  Check out their Facebook page for a photo gallery of the shoes and different colors they are making.

Want a chance to win them?  Check out my Birthday Bash Virtual Race for your chance.

Disclaimer.  I was sent a pair of shoes for the purpose of a review. As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  


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