Week 1: Move Nourish Believe Challenge Recap

I have one week completed of the Move Nourish Believe Challenge with Lorna Jane and FitApproach.  I joined in on this challenge because it is my goal to become more fit through other modes of exercise in addition to my running and this challenge fits me perfectly.  

Here's a recap of my week.  

Day 1:  Sweat-it-out!  Show your favorite way to sweat!

Sweating while running with my girls always tops my list!  I didn't run on Monday - but had actually raced the day before at the Midwinter Classic with my girl Carrie.  I am very lucky to have 3 awesome running friends!

Day 2:  Change it up!  Try something new today.  

A friend at school teaches a yogalates class on Tuesday nights at the Pittson Elementary School.  I had NO idea how incredible she was until I had gotten there.  I also had no idea how awesome yogalates was.  I had never tried it before.  But I love yoga and I loved pilates...so why not?  I have been missing out.  Kristy was incredibly motivating and it shows.  The gym was absolutely packed!  I am so happy Jill decided to join me that night.  I really hope she'll come again next Tuesday night!!!  

Day 3: Let's get planking!  Plank for at least 5 minutes today.  

I wish I could say I pulled off a 5 minute plank.  But this one was a series of 5, 1 minute planks.  It was still a challenge because each minute got progressively harder.  And I was super jealous of Pepper while she laid by the fire and napped the entire time.  

Day 4:  Buddy up!  Workout with a friend today.  

Midweek running with one of my girls just won't happen.  Family and work schedules just do not allow for it.  I am beyond grateful that I always have a great running buddy at home waiting for me.  Pepper will be 6 years old next week. And yes, I always give her a kiss when we finish.  

Day 5:  Fave Friday!  Show your five fitness favorites.  

My 5 favorites - running with Ward, running with Izzy and Tucker, becoming stronger, running with my girls, and running with Pepper.  

2 more weeks to go!  This is a lot of fun!  


  1. Aw I love that last collage! That made me smile.

  2. Love this! Fun to look at you doing a new thing each day!

  3. My furry running partner is also turning 6 yrs old next week! I have had a hard time commenting on yours & others blogs lately...hopefully this one sticks!

  4. Puppy dogs always deserve kisses after running! :)


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