Finally Friday + A Giveaway!

Friday.  How I love you.  

This week has been go go go with Prom stuff, it's crazy how much work goes into one night.  Now it's wait to see what parents bring in for snacks today, then haul everything up to our prom location tomorrow morning to decorate, then show time!!!  And then life can resume.    

SR prom 1995....
best one ever since I ditched the boyfriend and went with a friend

This week has turned out to be a fabulous week.  We've had some rain here and there, but nothing major.  

Saturday: 10 miles, intervals on the treadmill.  + Melissa Bender (ouch!)
Sunday:  6 miles pacing my BFF at Sugarloaf.  
Tuesday: 3 miles + Melissa Bender
Wednesday: 3 miles with my son on the rail trail.  
Thursday: 1 hr of yoga with Rodney Yee.  
Then a handstand challenge with my family.  That counts, right?  
Today:  the plan is 3 miles.  

A couple of weeks Ward suggested I do a race.  I think he's nuts, but I also think it will be a great challenge for me.  

Yes.  It's a trail race.  Oh and it's 25k.  Ummm..... I haven't been running on trails.  At all.   But, it will be a great challenge for me.  Ward did it last year and had a blast.  So, why not.  

Also, I know I've sworn off marathons until I turn 39.  But, supporting Stacy last weekend at Sugarloaf, seeing my husband and brother-in-law kick butt and get their best PRs ever, and cheering on all of the other marathoners helped me change my mind.  I am currently "shopping" for a fall marathon.  I want to keep it local.  Which narrows down my choices.  I have it down to two right now.  

Maine Marathon.  
The first marathon I ran was Maine.  I enjoyed it very much so.  Even in the pouring rain.  Plus, it's only a 45 minute drive.  So far this is the one.  


Loco Marathon.  

Which is in NH.  A lot further.  But not super far.  It's a new marathon and the course is doing a loop 2x.  I do like loops.  I know the logo says it's the ultimate Boston Qualifier.  I'd love that.  I really would.  But goal #1 going into a marathon is get more marathon experience.  Goal #2 - earn that PR.  Goal #3 - BQ.  Since I'm an older gal, my qualifying time is 3:40.  I have a ton of time to take off my previous PR.

Hmmm.....decisions.  What do you think?

My neighbor has rototilled my garden which means it is ready for me to get out there and get planting.  Yesterday I went to the greenhouse and bought all of the seedlings I want to do and packets of seeds.  I am thinking this will be a great activity to start this afternoon.  Then I can finish it up Sunday or Monday, hopefully.  I am happy to at least be on schedule for getting my garden going this year.  Last year it was at least the middle of June!    

lettuce mix, variety of tomatoes, cabbage, onions,
bag of potatoes, and bag of seeds!
and a couple of flowers for Izzy and Tucker to plant.

I'm a huge fan of Pearl Izumi.  The quality of their apparel is amazing.  Over the years I've collected a few pieces and I've never been disappointed.  A few months back, I was offered to try out a pair of the Flash Shorts.  

These shorts have a nice wide waistband that sits flat at your waist and doesn't gather.  This makes it incredibly flattering.  This wide waistband is quite flattering for my not-so-perfect belly.  

I also love the zippered back pocket.  The size is perfect to fit my iPhone, keys, or fuel.    Plus, zero chaffing!  Sadly, I had to wait a long time to try these beauties out because the cold would not leave Maine!  Now that it has, it's either my flash shorts or Spandits.  I don't want to run in anything else.  

Want to win a pair of your own Flash Shorts?  Enter below on the rafflecopter.  The giveaway will end on May 30th.  

These shorts are perfect for a run and cross training.  

disclaimer.  I was sent a pair of shorts for a purpose of review.  As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  


  1. All the Loco races I've done have been really well organized a lot of fun. I still haven't managed to do the Maine Marathon or half- I always have something that weekend!

  2. Love the Pearl Izumi Infinity Shrug. Never tried the shorts, but they look great! Hope you have a great race this weekend!

  3. Carrie McEneaneyMay 23, 2014 at 12:11 PM

    I'd love to have a pair of those shorts! Super cute!

  4. I've got some PI cycling apparel and I love it. Super comfortable!

  5. Love the combination of function and fashion!

  6. I have never tried anything Pearl Izumi but those shorts look super cute!

  7. Oh that's great to know!!!

  8. PI does have super awesome cycling apparel too!

  9. FUNction and fashion make for awesome running shorts!

  10. Oh dear Rachelle, you are missing out!!!

  11. Transitional ObjectsMay 23, 2014 at 4:44 PM

    The Maine marathon was my first marathon too! As you know, those hills can be boogers, but I think that such courses keep your legs fresher because you're making use of different muscles. Plus, you can't be the organization or the volunteer support. In any event, good luck with your decision and your upcoming trail race -- that looks awesome!

  12. I've never tried them before but I'm always looking for great running shoes!

  13. I've never tried Pearl Izumi, but would love to!

  14. I remember those hills. Ugh. But they are nothing compared to the hills at MDI! :)

  15. I'm not a fan of the shoes - only because they run narrow. BUT I love their apparel!

  16. Amy @ Juice Boxes + CrayolasMay 23, 2014 at 7:40 PM

    I went to prom with a friend too, and it was so much more fun!

  17. Their clothes are so cute!

  18. love colors! I will have to try them! Have a great race this weekend!

  19. They have fabulous clothing! Super high quality as well.

  20. Oh a fall marathon sounds fun - I say go for it! The Loco one sounds interesting and sounds like it would help you get your PR :) Those shorts are really cute!

  21. I say go for the Maine Marathon:) I'm registered to run the Maine marathon this fall!! It would be my very first 26.2!! I'm running in Maine because it's where my heart is, along with all my childhood memories:)

  22. I'm doing Twin Cities (I know, far from you, so doesn't count) but I love a good fall marathon. I understand your difficulty in choosing--beyond the BQ and distance, what about the course support? That's something that is very important to many, and definitely factored in to my decision. And LOVE the prom pic--who doesn't love a good corsage? And yes, obsessed with the colors. I have the PI running shrug and I cannot wait to use it for my marathon this fall!

  23. I am doing NYC. I would pick Maine if I were you.

    Pearl Izumi makes great, high quality products. I love their bike shorts!

  24. I love how adorable these shorts are and functional. Thank you.


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