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5 Foodie Friday

I've been enjoying a few tasty things lately and needed to share with you.  Maybe you'll like something you see here and try it for yourself!

Perky Jerky This tasty jerky is addicting.  Thankfully I received small samples, or I wouldn't be able to stop eating it!  I received the Original in beef and Sweet and Spicy in turkey to sample.  I loved both.

Made from only natural ingredients, this jerky in turkey and beef, is quite tasty.  No nitrates.  No preservatives.  No added MSG.  And a great protein source!  Perky Jerky makes a great snack without adding a ton of calories and other bad things.  
Salads Summer and salads just go hand in hand.  I've been loving my daily salads for lunch.  They are so much more appetizing when I get to sit out on my deck.

Quinoa Tabbouleh
I followed this recipe here.

Goat Cheese and Steak Salad
We had steak on the grill over the weekend and had some left over.  I love adding steak to my salad for an added punch of taste and protein.  I al…

Three Things Thursday

So far, I cannot complain about summer.  We've had absolutely GORGEOUS days and we've had some rainy days.  Just when I was looking at my garden and thinking "darn...I better get the hose over here and start waterings..." then we get a couple days of rain.  Perfect.  Just as long as the rain leaves this weekend!  
I've got 3 things to share with you today!!!
ONE.  Gone For A Run.  Have you checked them out yet?  This store is pretty amazing.  They have anything from headbands, arm sleeves, recovery sandals, shirts, mugs.  I could go on and on all day about what they have.  I'm one of their lucky ambassadors and I've been pleased with every single item that has come my way.  I haven't shared with you my love for this beer mug.  

It's a very high quality beer mug.  I've only actually put beer in it a few times.  I'm not one to take tons of pictures of alcoholic beverages and post them all over the internet anyway.  I'm a hs teacher and ne…

Workout Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  I'm following along with fellow blogger, Amy and bringing you ... 

MARATHON TRAINING This week officially kicks off marathon training.  I'm starting off with a 16 mile long run base, which puts me in a pretty good place.  My training this time around is going to consist of yoga, plyos, cycling and TONS of running.  
I'm MUCH better at training in the summer for a fall marathon because I actually have the time.  Although, it is a little tricky with the kids home too, but there are no excuses.  I get it done!  
I'm also reviewing this set of books from Runners World.  This is perfect for me.  I'm in love with the Essential Road Bike Maintenance Handbook.  I need to learn about how to take care of my bike...this book rocks!  More to come!  

I would really love to bike my butt off.  Let's see if that happens!  
THE HALF that didn't happen.   Sunday was the KRRT Half Marathon.  Sadly, I was recovering from bronchitis and still wasn't 100%, so…

What's in the June POPSUGAR Must Have Box?

I never get tired of summer.  Ever.  I'm a teacher.  Can't you tell?  I do love teaching, but summer helps me recharge those batteries and gives me extra time with my own kiddos.  An added benefit to being a teacher mom.

As a POPSUGAR blogger, I had the opportunity to review the June POPSUGAR Must Have Box.  I really wasn't sure what to expect in this box.  I tend to get runners boxes, so to get a box that didn't have running fuel and gear in it felt a little more exciting.

What was in my box?  
You Smell Wet Wipes.  
Lemony, fresh smell.  I loved it.  So much.  

Turkish-T Beach Towel.  
I've never had a beach towel that looked so grown up and versatile.  When Ward saw it, he immediately said "oh a scarf!"  And sure enough - this towel can act as a scarf as well.  But, it's June and it's 80 degrees out there, so I'm not wearing it as a scarf.  Instead, you'll see me lounging on this beauty of a towel at the beach while reading my new favo…

Celebrate Summer with Sweet, Lemony Iced Tea (+ Pure Via Giveaway!)

Oh I love summer!  I also love ice tea.  When I was growing up in Pennsylvania, I was addicted to a certain sweet ice tea.  That sweet memory of sweet, lemony iced tea is with me.  

I never knew that June is National Iced Tea Month!  Did you?  To celebrate, I've been sipping away at a Sweet Lemony Iced Tea.  It has to be sweet.  I love sweet tea.  I just don't like the calories with the sugar.  But with Pure Via, a zero calorie Stevia sweetener, I get the sweetness without the calories!  
Lemony Sweet Tea - 1 Tbs of unsweetened iced tea mix  - 8 oz of cold water - handful of iced cubes  - a squirt of two of Pure Via - 1/2 of a juiced lemon  
Combine all of the ingredients above in a glass of your choice.  Either stir or shake - again, you choose.  Then sit back and sip your tea, preferably on a deck in the sun.  
*And if you want a sweeter tea, just add a little more no guilt Pure Via!*
I've read so much about stevia, but never tried it before.   I'm happy I did, because now …

Kids Come First! BOKS Active Kids Day

disclosure:  The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.  
Last weekend the kids and I made a trip to Massachusetts.  Our first stop was at Ward's aunt and uncles house, where we had the chance to hang out with some family.  We don't see them enough and anytime we get to see them is always a bonus!  

Then we headed off to Reebok HQ for a fun filled day for the BOKS Kids Active Kids Day.   This was actually the 3rd Annual Active Kids Day event.  It was designed to bring together communities, schools, and families to get active.   And the entire event was free.   

BOKS Kids (Build Our Kids Success) is a before-school program developed by a group of moms to provide elementary school children opportunities for physical activity.  It gives kids the chance jump start their brains to better equip them for a day of learning.  As a teacher, I've read many studies supporting the need for more physical activity for children as it has a very high impact on …

Friday 5

Hello rainy Friday!   I don't mind rain so much, mostly because it will water my garden.  
Summer Track
We are 2 weeks into my summer track program and it's been a ton of fun!  The middle school and high school coaches (which are husband and wife) have also offered to volunteer. 

 I'm also quite grateful to have my sister-in-law helping out as well.  The kids are having a blast and I'm having fun with our practices.   Our first meet is June 26th - and it's going to be a lot of fun!  

BOKS Active Kids Day
Tomorrow the kids and I are participating in the BOKS Active Kids Day event in Canton, MA.   We're quite excited to take a trip to Massachusetts because we are combining this trip with a visit with family as well.  The kids are equally as pumped to spend some time with Aunt Judy and Uncle Pete!    

Marathon Training  
I'm doing it.  Taking the plunge and going for marathon #4.  I've chosen Maine Marathon...which was marathon #1 for me.   I'm pairing up…

Bringing Your Workouts Outdoors

Hooray for summer!  Although the official 1st day of summer doesn't arrive until next week, the temperatures are up there and school is just about over!  

More than ever I want to be outside working out.   Running.  Biking.  Strength Training.  Stretching.  Resting.  
In honor of June 21st - I created my  21 Workout.    

One of my main goals is to strengthen my legs and core.  And I don't have to be inside for this.  I can be outside - just about anywhere - doing this.  What's even better is I have a rock wall that is just about the height of a box.  So I have an outdoor box jumping station too.  

Do you bring your workouts outside more often as the weather improves?  


My meal theme lately has been pizza, burgers, and chips.  All of my favorites and foods I can eat all of the time and be perfectly happy with.  My family would be happy too....for a little bit.  And then they'll get bored.

Honestly, most weeks, I lack the energy to come up with a meal plan for the week.  But if I don't plan, I'm visiting the grocery store daily or eating out.   But with eMeals, I don't have to stress anymore about our weekly menu.  

To be honest, choosing a plan was the hardest one.  You can click on each of the selections to see a sample menu of each plan.   I needed to make sure I was choosing a plan that everyone in the family would enjoy.  With my picky eating family, that was hard. Eventually, I decided to go with the Clean Eating plan, and this one has been pretty awesome for us.  After you choose a meal plan, you get a weekly email on Wednesdays with your menu and shopping list.  Rather convenient, don't you think?  
Some of our favorite m…