Bringing Your Workouts Outdoors

Hooray for summer!  Although the official 1st day of summer doesn't arrive until next week, the temperatures are up there and school is just about over!  

More than ever I want to be outside working out.  
Running.  Biking.  Strength Training.  Stretching.  Resting.  

In honor of June 21st - I created my 
21 Workout.    

One of my main goals is to strengthen my legs and core.  And I don't have to be inside for this.  I can be outside - just about anywhere - doing this.  What's even better is I have a rock wall that is just about the height of a box.  So I have an outdoor box jumping station too.  

Do you bring your workouts outside more often as the weather improves?  


  1. Awesome! Minus the 21 burpees. Blech. Obviously I need them the most!

  2. Kiley @ DVF FitnessJune 12, 2014 at 10:29 AM

    Very clever with the 21's! I'll have to do this workout soon!

  3. Love this - I've been doing my workouts outside again too! (weather permitting)


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