Three Things Thursday

So far, I cannot complain about summer.  We've had absolutely GORGEOUS days and we've had some rainy days.  Just when I was looking at my garden and thinking "darn...I better get the hose over here and start waterings..." then we get a couple days of rain.  Perfect.  Just as long as the rain leaves this weekend!  

I've got 3 things to share with you today!!!

ONE.  Gone For A Run.  Have you checked them out yet?  This store is pretty amazing.  They have anything from headbands, arm sleeves, recovery sandals, shirts, mugs.  I could go on and on all day about what they have.  I'm one of their lucky ambassadors and I've been pleased with every single item that has come my way.  I haven't shared with you my love for this beer mug.  

It's a very high quality beer mug.  I've only actually put beer in it a few times.  I'm not one to take tons of pictures of alcoholic beverages and post them all over the internet anyway.  I'm a hs teacher and need to always remember that!   But what I've found is that this mug is perfect for any beverage I want to drink....water, tea, coffee, juice, you name it!  

And the etching on the front hasn't come off at all!  I've put this mug through the dishwasher countless times and it's still there.  Sadly, the dishwasher has destroyed many things that were supposedly dishwasher safe...but this mug is definitely dishwasher safe.  

TWO.  I passed my breathing test.  Phew.  I had a 3 month follow up with my asthma and allergy doc and I passed.  Thank goodness.  So now I'm off that awful steroid inhaler and only have it for back up when I get a cold.  I've put on some weight due to the inhaler and I'm quite pumped to not have to take it consistently anymore.  Now I'm onto Singular and hoping it is the one for me.  Especially, since my insurance covers it 100%.   Now that I am paying attention to my asthma and allergies again....whoops!  I'm noticing my breathing when I run is far better...and I haven't had any exercise induced anaphylaxis episodes either.  However, I am taking allergy meds daily now to combat all of my seasonal allergies.  Which is making a difference, I'm sure.    

THREE. I am loving the summer track program I've started.  I am quite lucky to have 5 incredible volunteers.  Without them, I'd be completely overwhelmed.  Right now I'm only partially overwhelmed.  Lots of new information and process.  But I'm getting it!!!  

Plus, I still take selfies of myself at track practice....  and that's always fun.  

disclaimer.  I received the beer mug above for review purposes from Gone For A Run.  I was not required to give a positive review.  As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  


  1. Good for you! looks like you are getting a ton of stuff accomplished, and I am happy to hear that your asthma is behaving (as best as it can). Could you please send some of the weather over to us here in Chicago? I've hardly seen the sun in nearly a week. We just have FOG 24/7

  2. Oh yuck, fog. Not fun!!!! You just need to fly on out here! The next 4 days should be nothing but blue skies and 80's.

  3. MAN YOU ARE KICKING A$$ AND TAKING NAMES. I need to follow suit.

  4. Awesome on the asthma update! I'll have to check out that store!

  5. Very cute mug:) it would probably be a great glass even for old fashion lemonade:)

  6. I've been enjoying the rain we've gotten this summer too. My flowers are doing great and I hardly ever have to water them thanks to all the summer showers we've gotten.


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