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Move It Monday

55 days until MDI Marathon.  I have a few more 20/22 mile runs left in this cycle and then it's go time!  

Plyometrics  One of the major components to this marathon cycle has been plyometrics.  Not really sure what they are?  Check out this article on Competitor.  There are benefits to plyometrics - faster turn over and stronger legs - which are the two reasons that convinced me to give them a shot this time around.   
Earlier this summer, I received a Gymboss to review, which I used quite a bit with coaching track and  my own training.  Last week I decided to take my plyos workout to the next level and push myself with the Gymboss.  

The result?  Pure exhaustion and a great workout!  I used my outdoor gym - i.e. the driveway, grass and rock wall for my equipment.  My box jumps were on the the rock wall, the jumping lunges in the driveway and burpees on the grass.  
I chose to do 10 rounds of 50s on/10s off intervals.  What I love about the Gymboss is that it takes exactly 10 seco…

Friday Favorites

So sad.  Terribly sad actually.  Today is my last Friday of summer vacation.  Not a hardship by any means.  I know.  Just a transition - back to reality.   I've gotten my classroom set up and organized.  It took me a little bit to get my head in the game, so I would go in for an hour or so here and there and do a few things.  Today, I left with a finished room.  Now, to get ready for the teaching part.  

I've been teaching for 14 years as a special educator for grades k-12.  This year will be my first year teaching regular education as a high school math teacher.  Nervous?  A little.  Excited?  Oh yes!!!  I have so many great ideas and cannot wait to get the school year started.  
Have you seen this video?  It's hilarious!  Back to school
Now - onto my Friday Favorites!  
Dinner With The Girls  Jill recently celebrated a birthday at the beginning of  the month, which meant the girls and I went out to Slates for a birthday dinner.  Always so much fun hanging out with the gir…

Tried It Tuesday

I don't know about where you live, but the weather here in Maine is starting to feel like fall.  I like it but I don't.  Rather bittersweet as today is my last Tuesday of summer vacation.  Not a tragedy.  Just time to start thinking about back-to-school for myself and the kids.  

I have a special treat for you today...the unveiling of the Bestowed box.  Even hear of the Bestowed box?  It's a subscription box that is crammed with 

My Magisto Video

This month's Bestowed Box had:  
Energy Fruits.    Texture like applesauce only more fruit and a great fuel for long runs.  Well, at least I thought so!!  
Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. 100% organic, trans fat free and a very natural flavor.  I used it as an olive oil replacement for my veggies.  Absolutely delicious.  
Saffron Road Crunchy Chickpeas.   Non-GMO, crunchy, packs a ton of heat!  I'm still snacking on them and I love them.  Going to be a staple for me to put in my snack drawer at school.  
Zevia Ginger Ale. Ref…

Beach to Beacon Recap

Beach to Beacon is the road race in Maine that sells out in under 4 minutes on a cold, early March morning.  For a 10k, this race takes a lot of planning.  Not only is it organized by the incredible Joan Benoit Samuelson, it attracts over 6500 runners from all over the globe and offers an entire 6.2 mile wall of spectators cheering you on to the finish.  The race organizers put in a ton of thought and work into this race - as do the thousands of volunteers that help make this race successful.   To add to the excitement of Beach to Beacon, elites and master level runners from all over come to this little coastal town in Maine to race - this year Shalane and Meb joined the elite runners to run this course.  

I'm not a big crowd kind of person.  They make me nervous.  Give me a small town race any day.  But, for some reason, I still love Beach to Beacon.  Two summers ago, Ward and I chose to not run the race and wanted to spectate and had an absolute blast!  Last summer I was registe…

Friday Favorites

The temps are cooling down and it's starting to almost seem like fall isn't too far away.  Running in the fall has so many advantages - crisp cool air is a great reward for marathon training in the heat of summer.  Now to actually register for that marathon.....I'm not really sure what in the world is keeping me from pushing the register button.  Maybe I'm hoping for a better one to pop up?  
Here are some of my Friday Favorites to share with you!

Long Run Running Friends Yesterday I joined a group of ladies at Kennebec Valley Coaching for my first 20 miler in this cycle.  Amy and Sarah had 15 miles scheduled and Gretchen had 18 miles.  

My legs were tired.  I had done my track workout Tuesday morning and busted my butt with the paces and then came home and asked Amy when she was doing her long run this weekend.  She replied - Thursday.  Ouch.  Well, if I wanted company, then I was going to have to make it work!!!  I took Wednesday off for rest and by rest, I mean I did…

Tasty Tuesday

I'm at that point in marathon training when I start remembering the breakfasts that work for me prior to long runs and what to stay away from.  For instance.... no ice cream the night before.  Bad mistake!  And oatmeal for breakfast or any meal throughout the day.  

Oatmeal is favorite in my house.  But finding an oatmeal that is GMO free has been a challenge.    Country Choice Organics reached out to me recently and I was very happy to accept!  What a treat it's been!  
My kids have been asking for oatmeal for breakfast, rather than asking for the sugary cereals that I absolutely hate.  That makes me a very happy momma!  

The instant oatmeal is just that! In less than 5 minutes, you have yourself a delicious and filling breakfast that is made with care, is organic, GMO free.  It is the best!  

The two instant flavors I was sent were: Apple Cinnamon and Maple Brown Sugar.  I love the Apple Cinnamon and the Maple Brown Sugar is a favorite of the kids.  
While I am not 100%  glu…

Work Out Wednesday - Biking My Butt Off!

Part of marathon training this time around is focusing on at least one day of cycling - this is mostly done inside on my stationary bike mostly due to convenience (time, child care, etc).  But, silly me, I have a road bike.  I need to use it!  The problem is that I get so nervous when I get on it.  

What happens if I'm out and I get a flat?   I cold call Ward, but he doesn't always answer his phone.   How do I even get my bike ready for a ride?  How do I pump up my tire?  Shifting?  Clipless pedals? The whole biking thing can be rather overwhelming.

Thankfully I received 3 PERFECT BOOKS to help settle my nerves and provide me with all of the information I need to seriously get out there.

The first book - Essential Road Bike Maintenance Handbook by Todd Downs (suggested price of $14.99)  was the first one I opened.  My tires were flat and I had no idea what to do!  Yes pump them up...but they aren't the standard valve size.  Now what?

What I loved about this is in the bo…