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So sad.  Terribly sad actually.  Today is my last Friday of summer vacation.  Not a hardship by any means.  I know.  Just a transition - back to reality.   I've gotten my classroom set up and organized.  It took me a little bit to get my head in the game, so I would go in for an hour or so here and there and do a few things.  Today, I left with a finished room.  Now, to get ready for the teaching part.  

I've been teaching for 14 years as a special educator for grades k-12.  This year will be my first year teaching regular education as a high school math teacher.  Nervous?  A little.  Excited?  Oh yes!!!  I have so many great ideas and cannot wait to get the school year started.  

Have you seen this video?  It's hilarious!  Back to school

Now - onto my Friday Favorites!  

Dinner With The Girls 
Jill recently celebrated a birthday at the beginning of  the month, which meant the girls and I went out to Slates for a birthday dinner.  Always so much fun hanging out with the girls.   

Kid Fun 
I have had so much fun with the kids this summer.  This week we went for a bike ride on the rail trail.  It was Izzy's first time and she was fantastic.  She made it an entire 2 miles and only tried to kill me a couple of times.  

The boys have been wanting to go to a skate part for a while now.  After a little internet searching I found out there was one in Augusta.  Yesterday I took the kids there.  

I was pleased to see a playground for Izzy and the boys were happy to try out their skateboards.  

No surprise.  I love Spandits.  Last night, I ran in my Seasick Tiger skirt.  I forgot how much I love that skirt!  

And because Spandits does not come with undershorts (which is great because you are in charge of what you where underneath - capris/full tights/shorts.  You choose!  So I paired it up with my Galaxy shorts.  Fun combination!  (remember- mention my name when you purchase your Spandits!!!)  

I was training for the Maine Marathon.   But as I mentioned before, I never registered.  As the Facebook status updates appeared 80% full, 90% full......  I would go to the website, enter my information but couldn't get myself to press submit.  I did this over and over again.  Something was keeping me from registering.  Perhaps it's the course?  The lack of scenery?  I just don't know.  

Then I found a great looking one in Keene, NH.  I was thinking - this is the one!   But then I saw something on twitter that caught my attention.  Because MDI is on the 19th of October, every 19th of the month - MDI is giving away a free entry to the marathon on twitter.  I thought - I loved MDI.  Such a gorgeous place, gorgeous course.  I'd love a redo.  I fell short in meeting my goal last time I ran there, so why not?  So I entered.  

And then I won!!!  Woohoo!  My Fall 2014 will be MDI Marathon.  Now to get all of the girls to do the half.  Come on Stacy, fold!  


Have you ever tried them? I was surprised I had never heard of KushyFoot before.  So, when I was contacted to review their product, I was excited to try them out!  I was a pair of Yoga Socks, two pairs of Sport Foot Cover, and three pairs of athletics low cut socks.  

I noticed immediately how soft and silky they felt.  Very pleasing to feel on my feet.  When I practice yoga, my feet always slip.  

With the Yoga Socks, my toes were free and I didn't slip at all! 

The Sport Foot Covers are super low cut and thin socks with a little gripping on the inside heel.  I liked the fact the my socks didn't slip down at all.  I've had socks that have slipped down into my shoe so many times and they are quite annoying.  This was not the case with the Sport Foot Covers.    

The Athletics Socks were a little thicker than the Sport Foot Covers and a little higher cut, but still a low cut.  What I noticed right away was the softness.  My feet love soft socks and they were definitely socks!  

I've run in these socks a few times and I haven't experienced any blisters at all - which means they get my seal of approval!  KushyFoot has been in business for over 10 years and they are dedicated to offering their customers with high quality products at an affordable price.   

Disclosure:  I was sent samples for the purpose of review through affiliation with Lipton Publicity.  I was not required to provide a positive review.  As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  


  1. Congrats on the marathon win. Love it when things happen to fall into place like that. My sister taught spec ed for 10 years before moving into an LEA position. Always hats off to those who have that kind of patience.

  2. It does take a special kind of patience that's for sure!!!! Thank you! I'm super excited!

  3. Michelle@Running with AttitudeAugust 22, 2014 at 3:51 PM

    How cool to have won your entry! Sounds like it was meant to be :)

  4. Don't you love when things work out? I did the same thing with Rock N Roll Chicago-then I won an entry! Glad it all worked out!

  5. Congrats on winning your place in the marathon - you'll do great!
    I am definitely going to try out some of those amazing yoga socks!

  6. Yay for winning a free entry to the MDI, so fun to win those kinds of things! I like the look of those socks. I want the yoga ones! I tend to slip a little even on my mat when I am first starting out.


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