Move It Monday - Spandits 5k Race Recap

I'm a rather lucky women.  I fell in love with Spandits a few years back and now I get to represent them as one of their ambassadors.  As a matter of fact, I'm going on my second season of being an ambassador!  

My first time wearing Spandits was in May of 2012.  I still have those Spandits and love them very much.  They still look brand new and I wear them all of the time.  I still wish Spandits made that print because I would have some long tights and shorts in that print as well!  

Now, 2+ years later I have a pretty nice collection of skirts, headbands, shorts, capris, and tights.  Tucker has 2 headbands and some arm sleeves, Izzy has some tights and two headbands.   We LOVE Spandits.   

the kids' most recent Spandits purchases at the Beach to Beacon expo - I was sitting in traffic...NOT driving!
Back to the race!!!  This year we made it to the Spandits 5k in Farmington - last Saturday evening.  The race proceeds benefits the Mt. Blue XC team...and by looking around, I'd say there were quite a few XC athletes at the race.

I couldn't let Jill go to a Spandits race without wearing Spandits!!! --- nice skirt, Jill!!!  

It was an evening race.  Starting at 6:15pm.  This part made me a little nervous.  Some people LOVE running in the evening.  It makes me nervous with my exercise induced anaphylaxis - I need to really make sure I don't eat anything that will possibly make me have a reaction...and swell up like a balloon.

with super fast Amy!

But that was the only thing that made me nervous.  I was quite excited to be able to see Sarah and Kelley again - co-owners of Spandits, Amy (my mysterious marathon training buddy who I have only run with once... we have to change that), and Carrie one of my favorite running girls.

Spandits Ambassador meet up - Shelley, Jen, Carrie and Co-Owner Sarah.  

I also got to meet fellow local, Spandits Ambassador, Shelley.  Super cool lady who does a lot of endurance racing and who is super fast!

And of course... 7/8 of the Boudreau/Rybarczyk clan ran the race.  Tucker was registered, but he was invited to go to Popham for the day with a friend.  So, I let him ditch the race and hang out with a friend.  Although I was sad Jackson no longer had a running buddy.   Soon all 8 of us will be rocking races...but for now, the girls still get to go along for the ride.

photo courtesy of David Colby of Maine Running Photos
Carrie & I are twinsies!!!  Except for our choice of shoes -
I'm rocking my Skecher Go Run 3's in purple.  Love those shoes!  

The course itself was pretty awesome.  A little around the block at first and then it was an out and back.  Not too hilly.  It really can get quite hilly in Farmington!  The course was marked well with volunteers and a few spectators along the way. The finish rocked...completely downhill.    The only thing I could have done without was the heat and humidity.  But, it's summer.  So I need to suck it up and go with it.

photo courtesy of Sarah Doscinski 

My husband, Ward, ran with Izzy (red stroller) and my brother-in-law, Wade, ran with Scout (yellow stroller) - rocked this race.  Their times were 18:30/18:35 with joggers and came in 2nd/3rd in their age groups.  Wade really is the rockstar here because he ran a 17 minute 5k earlier that morning.  CRAZY!!!

photo courtesy of David Colby of Maine Running Photos

For me, going into this race, my legs were tired.  I need to focus more on pushing hard on tired legs.  Marathon training does that and I tend to go easier when my legs are tired.  My goal in this race was to keep it around an 8 minute mile.  

I came in 3rd for my age group with a time of 24:12.  Not a PR.  But I'm feeling good about it.  

My nephew, Jackson, really crushed the end with this all out sprint.  He tasted the finish line and went for it!!!  And for doing this 5k - he earned a rather awesome prize.  

We all need some good ol USA arm sleeves courtesy of Spandits.  PS I bought Tucker some...but I am thinking of just taking them when I want them.  I bought them, right?  

And I must send a special thank you out to David Colby, of Maine Running Photos.  This man donates endless hours driving to and from races, taking photos of runners in Maine and shares them with runners for free.  Thank you, David!  


  1. Great time even with tired legs! Congratulations to everyone on a great race!

  2. Free photos? Sign my up! Congrats to you, your friends and family members for finishing, especially Jackson who won those great arm sleeves!

  3. WOW way to crush this 5k! Glad the evening worked out for you well enough. Nice recap--sounds like a nice time with the whole family and a number of friends. The Spandits all look awesome, too!

  4. I'm a worry wart about evening races too. I think because I like to run first thing in the morning, it just messes with my head ;) Great recap and your nephew's spring pic is AWESOME!!


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