3 Things Thursday

Fall is fast approaching and the days and nights are getting cooler.  We've gone from "oh my word, it's hot for September!" to "where the heck is the down comforter" and "maybe we need two comforters tonight!"  I'm sure we'll get to the "I think we need to make a fire tonight" stage soon too.  Brrr!  

While the sudden coolness is a shock, I still do enjoy fall very much so.   

Number 1 on my list..... fall photo session with 179 Photo.  In a couple of weeks, we will have our photo session with Jill & Wade and the kids.  We have the best photographer and I'm already excited to see how our photos turn out!  

Number 2 fall running.   I love fall running.  I was really looking forward to running marathon #4 this fall as well.  However, it was not in the cards for me.  Since I did some damage to my glute nearly 4 weeks ago in the trail race, I haven't done a ton of running.  I was beginning to stress out about the marathon and was getting really cranky.  That's when I came to my senses with it's just a marathon and there are many more.  For instance, there are 4 other marathons in Maine this spring!  I just need to focus on getting stronger and fully recovered first.  No biggie.  I've got this.  

I did not give up on MDI altogether though!  I opted to convince the girls to have a girls weekend and have ourselves a couple of 2-person relay teams.  It wasn't hard at all.  It took all of one text and they were all in.  LOVE it!  So, on October 19th, we will have two teams at MDI - Kicks Ass and Taking Names.  

from last year.....  I wonder what which Spandits we will wear this year?  :)  

Fun right?  I'm beyond excited for this!  

Number 3.  I do LOVE summer.  I do.  I really really do.  But my new job as a mainstream HS Math teacher just rocks!   I am loving everything about it.  Now, adjusting to a different pace of teaching has been a bit challenging BUT I still love it.  

Happy Thursday!  


  1. Always love catching up on your news and your pictures! Those Spandits are so cute! Hope your injury heals up really soon... good to adjust your schedule and rest. Cheers!


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