Move It Monday

Happy Monday!  Let's get this workweek started off right with Move It Monday!!!

What's your plan to be active today and this week?  I have found that when I have a plan, my workouts happen.   

this past week I challenged myself and signed up for a 6 week Speed Session class!

Here is a snapshot for this upcoming week: 

Monday:  30-45 min recovery run
Tuesday:  off or if I can squeeze in some biking
Wednesday:  run as much as I can possibly squeeze in before I need to get back to school for parent teacher conferences from 4-7pm. 
Thursday:  30-45 min run
Friday:  hills with Aimee 
Saturday:  5-6 miles
Sunday:  14 miles 

I LOVE running with my kids...or even having them bike while I run.  Fit Kids are happy and healthy kids too!

Now - keep in mind, if something comes up and I need to swap around some days, it's not the end of the world.  I try to keep an open mind about this so I don't stress out, as much.  But I will admit, I do get rather cranky if I don't get my workout in!   

sometimes it's just too busy to I roll the stationary bike out and watch tv with the kids while I bike.  

So, how is my gluteal strain feeling?  WAY better.  No pain when I run, no pain after.  The only times it hurts is when I cross my legs.  So, as long as I stop crossing my legs, I should be all set.  

Feeling cramped for time?  I run between the kids soccer games on Saturday morning!  Plus I love to look kick ass when I show up at Tucker's games...all sweaty and wearing my favorite Spandits!
You KNOW you need some Spandits in your life.  Go buy some and tell them Jen sent you!  

Where is my mileage now?  Surprisingly, considering the injury and lack of running, my mileage is still rather good.  

August total miles:  170.26 
September (to date) miles :  127.74
Year to date miles :  1192.06 

I'm happy with this!

I love the Rail Trail!  Such a gorgeous view to have while running!

My last week in running looked like this:  

Sunday:  10 miles (first long run post injury!) 
Monday:  indoor stationary time - 24 miles
Tuesday:  rest 
Wednesday:  5.5 miles   
Thursday: 3.10 miles 
Friday:  4.5 miles (speed workout with warm up/cool down) 
Saturday: 3.5 miles between soccer games 
Sunday (today!):  12 miles 

I might have gotten caught in a downpour...LOVED it!  
Check out my new Camelbak!  It's the Marathoner and it freaking rocks.  I like my Camelbak Classic - but this one is over the top awesome!  Full review coming shortly!  

Do you plan your workouts? Go day by day? Wing it?  If you miss a workout -how do you handle it?  


  1. Im so so so a winger. an intuitive exerciser. I fit it in where I can and that looks different each day :-)

  2. Mine are mostly planned out, the running especially, the weights I'm a little more flexible with though. Glad your injury is better!!

  3. I am such a planner!!! And yes a cranky one if I miss a workout! You're doing awesome chickie!!

  4. Krysten @DarwinianFailSeptember 22, 2014 at 3:00 PM

    I love your colourful tights!!! And yes, I get a little cranky when my workouts don't happen as planned, although I am slowly but surely getting more flexible about that!


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