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Tried It and Love It! Numetrex Sports Bra Review

As part of my new and improved training plan, I am going to monitor my heart race much closer.  And I have a super cool new heart rate monitor that will do the job and do it perfectly!  It's the Adidas Heart Rate monitorwhich is paired with my new Numetrex Adidas miCoach Seamless Sports Bra.  You know it ladies!  A sports bra with a pocket to snap your heart rate monitor into it!  We all wear sports bras.  Right?  I always found it annoying to wear a sports bra and then add on a strap that sometimes just felt like cold and hard plastic on my chest, just under the sports bra - just adding in another annoyance and another thing to remember to do. 

With the Numetrex Sports Bra- one step is completely taken out of the loop and you have a pretty awesome system going on!  

Now, I've got to be honest.  I am picky about sports bras.  I have thrown a ton away.  If it rubs me in the wrong way - it's gone.  If it doesn't provide enough support to my stretched out breasts (thank …

Words To Sweat By Review + Giveaway

"I'm too busy.  I have a meeting.   I have to go grocery shopping.   I have kids.  I have to work.  My husband is working and I don't have anyone  to watch the kids."  
Yeah, I've heard it all. I've said it all.  

But there comes a time when the excuses run out and all you have left is that unfit/unhealthy feeling where you don't even know what to do with yourself anymore.   I've been here too.  Not fun.  

I've got the cure for you!  No excuses. If fitness is your goal - make it your priority.  No excuses.  

Or better yet.  Let's look at my past few months.  Training gone bad with an injury. Which left myself gaining some weight and not really being at my best.  Then heading off to MDI to watch other runner friends I know kick some major bootie in their races.  Why is that? Because they trained hard.  They didn't make any excuses.  They just did it.  Watching them has inspired me to not only just make time for fitness but make time to train ha…

A Win-Win for me and a Win-Win for you Review + Giveaway #SweatHardSmellGreat

I was recently provided the opportunity to review Win Detergent as part of a FitApproach Campaign.

Let's face it.  Sweaty clothing can create quite the stink.  Now let's x4 and we have my family.  With running, soccer, dance, basketball - we all create quite the stink.  I do laundry all of the time, but it's still not fast enough to combat the stink.  Let's be honest, regular detergent doesn't quite cut it.  Sadly, I've tossed quite a few of my favorite running shirts/shorts due to the stink.  I just wish i had known about Win beforehand.  Perhaps it would have saved me some heartache.

Last weekend - both kids played their Round Robin Soccer  games.  Izzy played an hour of soccer and Tucker played 2.5 hours of soccer.  Then I went away for the weekend for the MDI Relay.  When I returned home on Sunday afternoon - I was greater with the stench of the kids sweaty clothing from soccer the day before, Ward's sweaty gross clothing, and all of my sweaty half ma…

LL Bean Twilight 5k Recap

A new Maine race is on the scene and it rocks!  This year was the inaugural LL Bean Twilight 5k in Freeport.  Like all LL Bean activities, this event was well organized.   
I didn't run.  I was too late to register.  BUT, the kids were able to run the fun run and Ward was able to run the 5k.  Which meant I was more than happy to be there as the #1 spectator and photographer, wearing my Spandits(go buy some and tell Kelley and Sarah I sent you!) of course and making Izzy dress like my mini-me.  

LL Bean has the Camp Sunshine Event that was taking place on the LL Bean campus throughout the day.  If you aren't familiar with this event, it's an incredibly cute family event sponsored by LL Bean to raise funds for Camp Sunshine.  We didn't make it down earlier in the day; however, since we were heading down for the race anyway, we took a few minutes to enjoy some of the festivities prior to running.  

The Kids Fun Run was first.  The course started at the start/finish line -…

MDI Relay Recap

This past weekend, the girls and I made our way back to MDI for our 2nd girls weekend and my 3rd time running at MDI.

We had decided were going to have 2 relay teams:  
It was all Carrie's idea!  And it was perfect.  This year our outfit was whatever Spandits you want to wear.  Last we all matched in our skulls - but this year we spiced it up a bit.  

Saturday morning was the kids last soccer game which was to be done round robin style - basically short 20 minute games while rotating through the other teams allowing each team to play each other one last time.  I made it to Izzy's games and made it to half of Tucker's games before Jill and I loaded up her car, made a pitstop at Starbucks (and then my house because I may have forgotten to pack my inhaler!) and we were off!

Saturday was a perfect fall day.  Warm and sunny and gorgeous colors reflecting from the orange and yellow leaves.  Kind of like the last hurrah.    Jill and I made it to packet pick up, found our bibs, g…

Make Everyday Cancer Awareness Day with Skechers Performance

When I run, I usually run for myself, for my health, for my sanity.  But lately, it's been more for those who cannot.  Those who are fighting against Breast Cancer, a horrid disease that just needs to go away.  I'm running for my loved ones that are completely exhausted after their treatments, yet they find a way to go on and be the strong, courageous women I love.

More recently, I have come to learn of several people I love and cherish are battling cancer.  I am in awe of their strength and dignity when it comes to fighting this deadly disease.  One friend, who was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer, is my age and has young children.  She's an amazing woman.  This hits close to home.  Perhaps too close.  I have cried many tears for her and her family.  I have cried many tears for all of my friends who are battling cancer.

Cancer really should be a four letter word.  It's awful.  It's broken my own family.  I lost my mother to lung cancer just over 8 years…

Long Run Necessities

As my dreams of completing my 4th full marathon came to an end with that nagging gluteal injury, I decided to scale back and do the MDI Relay with the girls!  Next Sunday we will be heading up to MDI with two relay teams.  
As I recovered from my injury, I didn't say goodbye to my long runs.  I still kept up my longer runs - getting back to 10 miles, then 12, 13.5, then 14.  And I plan on keeping long runs in my training plans.   Especially since I'm eyeing up a spring marathon.  

As I continue to train with long runs, I continue to use my favorite running accessories to get me through these long runs.  

Camelbak Marathoner  My love for Camelbak has been been increased.  You see, I had trained for my first 3 marathons and few half marathons with my Camelbak original.  Heck, I've even raced with it.   I love the hands-free design of Camelbak - a place to store your fuel/cell phone/toilet paper/gum and a water carrying system that allows you to have water whenever you want! …

1 Voice Headband Review + Discount Code

Friday is always my favorite day of the (work) week.  Today wasn't necessarily my most favorite Friday - it was a teacher workshop day.  I'd rather teach any day of the week.  Today's task was to analyze the new state required test our juniors will be taking this spring.  I don't usually talk about my professional opinions on here - but to say I'm not impressed with this test is a complete understatement.    

But let's turn this around and make it more positive.... like running!  Not a stupid test that will be replaced soon.   Earbud wires are not my friend.  I hate the dangling wires swaying around.  If I do bring music with me, I use my iPod shuffle and tuck the wire under my shirt. It doesn't always keep the cord from swinging around, but it's better than a cord flinging out my arm!  But now I have a brand new workout's the 1 Voice headband.  

1 Voice headband has built-in bluetooth earbuds - so I don't have the cord swinging aroun…