Asics Gel Kayano 21 #ShoeReview

When I first started running - I ran in Nike and New Balance.  Then I had my first shoe fitting at Maine Running Company and I was fitted in the Asics Gel DS Racer.  I was in love.  Light and responsive.  When it was time to retire them, I moved onto the Asics FujiRacer.  Again, another great shoe.    

I had never run in the Kayano.   Never even thought of it.   I always thought of them as a heavy, bulky stability shoe that wasn't for me.  But then I was offered the chance to run in the newest and lightest Kayano 21...weighing in at 8.9 oz. and rated as a neutral/light stability shoe. To be honest, I was intrigued.   Scratch that.  Excited!  No just intrigued.  

I couldn't get the box open fast enough when they came on Thursday.   I put them on, walked around for a few moments, thought "yep...they will be perfect" and took off on a quick 2 mile run.  2 miles?  Yes...only because that's what I had time for before Izzy's bus was going to arrive at my house. 

After I finished that 2 miles, I was assessing how my body felt- arches felt great, bunions were happy, calves weren't mad at me, shins were happy, and my back wasn't achy.  Those are my usual check points to see if a pair of shoes are right for me.  So, after Izzy got off the bus, I loaded up the jogger into the back of the car and we drove down to my favorite rail trail and ran another 2 miles.  Now, if they were awful shoes, I definitely would have changed out of them and put on my regular shoes.  The fact that I went out again in them says a lot!  

Today, I started out in a different pair of shoes for my morning run - which ended earlier than I want it too because I felt sick.  But I got back out there later in the day when I was feeling a lot better - put on my Kayanos and I felt like I could run FOREVER in them!  I ended my day with 14 miles and a HUGE smile on my face! 

What I like about them is that they are a lighter trainer that offers some cushioning.  My toes do not feel cramped in there either.   Which is super important with my metatarsal issues.  Wow, I have picky feet!  And guess what? My picky feet LOVE the Kayanos!  I can see why so many people run in them and I'm happy to say they have earned themselves a spot in my regular rotation.  Now that's pretty gosh darn important!  

Are you an Asics fan?  Have you run in the new Kayano?  I'm a huge fan now!  


  1. I ran 13 in mine yesterday and it felt pretty good! I know you have wide feet issues, just curious if you ordered the wide in these? I borderline feel like maybe I should have, but still didn't have any blisters or anything. Love this color too :)

  2. A little borderline in the width. But I am okay with them. :)


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