I Mustache You Some Questions

I love survey questions.  One of my most favorite thing to do in my math classes.  It's always fun to learn about people.  Thank you, Heather at Where's the Beach for tagging me!  

4 names that people call me, other than my real name: 
1. Jen
2. Mom - of course.  
3. Mrs. B - I much prefer this to Mrs. Boudreau anytime.  
4.  Coach Jen - from summer track, and I loved this!

snippets from summer track ... my two fave athletes!

4 jobs I've had:
1.  photographer's assistant - 1st job in high school.  
2.  retail - GAP, London Fog, Nine West 
3.  Special Education Teacher - 1st 14 years of my teaching career
4.  HS Math Teacher - newest role in teaching.  LOVE IT

4 movies I've watched more than once:
1. Pride and Prejudice
2.  Pretty Woman
3.  Pirates of the Caribbean 
4.  The Little Mermaid (watching right now with Izzy)

my current view

4 books I'd recommend: 
I don't really enjoy reading.  Sorry.  I go through phases.  I tend to love jr high level books and series.  
1.  Twilight Series
2.  Hunger Games Series - I told you, jr high taste
3.  Just about any Emily Giffin book 
4.  Build Your Running Body (thanks to Christy for posting about this!  

4 places I have lived:
1.  Wiconisco, PA 
2.  Lisbon Falls, ME 
3.  Bath, ME

at a  Gardiner HS football game recently with Izzy sporting her cute Tiger's beanie 

4 places I have been: 
This is rather pathetic.  I don't travel a lot.  I hate to fly.  I have never flown.  Don't plan on it.  
1.  New York City
2.  Niagara Falls
3.  Prince Edward Island, Canada 
4.  Washington D.C.

4 places I'd rather be right now:
1.  somewhere warm, without snow
2.  in bed under my down comforter 
3.  with my mom 
4.  at Starbucks 

4 things I don't eat:
1.  ginger 
2.  raw tomatoes (not anymore, since I've had those allergic reactions...only cooked ones now)
3.  venison 
4.  anchovy paste (as I've had a few allergic reactions after each foods with this in it too!)

4 of my favorite foods:
1. pizza
2.  chips
3.  dark chocolate 
4. peanut butter  

4 TV shows that I watch:
1.  NCIS 
2.  NCIS - Los Angelas 
3.  True Blood (it counts, right?) 
4.  Grey's Anatomy 

4 things I'm looking forward this year:
1.  Passing my Mathematics Content Praxis II exam 
2.  Completing year 1 of the National Board 
3.  Izzy reading more and more (such a beautiful thing to see her flourish in school right now)
4.  The end of 6th grade for Tucker.  He loves it.  But I have not been happy with a lot of things.  

4 things I'm always saying: 
1.   "That car is not going to clean itself" - to Tucker this morning while looking outside at the snow on my car, as I handed him the snow brush.  Poor kid.  I have a feeling I'll be saying this a lot this winter.  
2.   Where are my keys?  
3.   darn chickens didn't give me any eggs today (been going on for a month now)  
4.  I need more shoes.  Of course.  Always.  

always more shoes especially if they are Skechers

4 people I tag: 
1.  Amy at Running Escapes 
2.  Carrie at Maine Mom on the Run 
3. Christy at My Dirt Road Anthem
4.  Rachelle at Living The Fit Life

I don't need to tag you to play along!!!  Answer come questions below!  I love learning new things about people!


  1. Love reading these Questions and Answers about you! Wow, you've never flown! It's no secret that I miss Maine- 4 places I'd rather be right now, Any town in Maine! My three favorite book titles- The Art of Racing in the Rain, Sarah's Key and The Invisible Wall. I'd love to run the PEI Half Marathon next fall! -Kara {MaineGirl2}

  2. I love NCIS:LA too, but wonder if it is because maybe I have a little LL Cool J crush....

  3. Just discovered your blog ! I don't know how I stumbled on it but I started to recognize the pictures... of the rail trail, the bridges, the gym... then I see you are from Gardiner. OMG ! I grew up in Gardiner and graduated in 1988. My parents still live there, while I live oversees in France. Loved seeing all the photos, such great memories for me ! Keep up the great job blogging and running ! Karen at www.frenchinspirationblog.com

  4. Fun! Thanks for the tag I am working on this today :) I can't believe you have never flown, I haven't much but I do actually kind of like it. and so glad you like the Build Your Running Body Book, I know I really do.

  5. Thanks for the tag! Will write a post up this week:)


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