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I've posted many times about my love for Tommie Copper.  The only compression gear on the market that is woven with copper for healing properties.  
at the gym

What do I love about Tommie Copper clothing?  The fact that I can wear them all of the time.  I wear them to work, to workout in, hang out at home, to sleep in.  They are all around perfect.  

at work

Tommie Copper has a new contest going on.  

By the way - I am wearing my Tommie Copper capris in this photo (see the little white writing on the hip?).  

Tommie Copper wants you to nominate someone who you find to be deserving of a Big Act of Kindness for their chance to win $10,000!  

And entering is so easy!  

Just enter here.  It's that easy.  



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  2. This post had me googling the Tommie Copper Ankle Compression sleeve! I'm still dealing with a lingering soreness around my ankle. I may have to place an order!

  3. I have the sleeves too, but may have to invest in some pants :)


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