Workout Wednesday

How's the week going for you so far?  We're closing in on Christmas and things couldn't be any crazier!  I don't know how people with more than 2 children handle things, because I'm barely staying afloat right now.  I've feeling incredibly overwhelmed with the list of things that need to get done and our commitments.  I keep reminding myself....just 2 more days of work and we're home-free.  I think I can.  I think I can.  

if I can do this in the wet snow, on a rock wall - I can survive the rest of the week!

Today, I had a little bit of a break because about 10am, my classroom phone rang...and it was the middle school nurse.  I had a very sick son sitting in her office.  Sadly, I was in the middle of a class.  However, as luck has it, my assistant principal was walking past my room at that exact time.  She said she would take care of me and notified the office so they could find coverage for me.  I am incredibly thankful to work in such a fabulous school.  

after 4 soaking wet miles - I think Pepper is mad at me here

Because of this little snag in my plans, going to the gym to run on a treadmill was not going to happen.  Oh, did I mention it was pouring outside and 38F?  Yuck.  I couldn't take him to the gym with me when he was feeling so badly.  Poor guy.   But I did figure out how to get in a run.  I did what I do back and forth in front on my house - checking in on him everytime I passed by.  I lost count of how many times I ran past my house, but I was able to get in 4 miles.  Pepper came with me...and I think she regretted making that decision about a mile into the run.  She was soaked and hasn't left the carpeted area in front of the wood stove since.  

I changed quickly and did my PiYo...note the sick boy on the couch behind me?  

Today's run was monumental.  Not in the fact that it was just gross outside.  But today I surpassed my 1600 mile distance (the most mileage I've previously run in a year).  Today I made it to 1601.59 miles.  Yippee!  I'm excited to see what my final 2014 mileage will be!  

This is really pretty!  It was a perfect winter run...32F and big wet snowflakes.  I love this kind of run!

Let's talk workouts for my last week...

12/10: 4.53 miles - a random mileage I know.  It was one of those running back and forth in front of my house sort of days again.  
12/11: 6 miles 
12/12:  5 miles 
12/13:  4 miles w/ PiYo Butts 
12/14: 6.8 miles
12/15: 3.75 with indoor track again with strength/core 
12/16: rest 
12/17: today! 4 miles w/ PiYo Core. 

I've been loving my PiYo workouts!  I feel much stronger doing them and they are not boring at all!  I highly recommend them.  

On a super excited photo has been featured on the Spandits Facebook page!  Go check it out for yourself...and then, buy some Spandits for yourself.  You know you want to!!  (tell them Jen sent you!)


  1. Tricia Barber VaughnDecember 18, 2014 at 12:25 PM

    Love love the bright cheerful colors of spandits! Thanks to you I'm going to visit right now!

  2. Great way to get in a 4 mile run! Wow! The picture of you running with the 32 degree weather is beautiful. Do you wear anything to prevent slipping on the bottom of your shoes? I am dealing with similar weather here in Minnesota right now, but have opted to use the treadmill instead of risking hitting an icy patch. So just wondering if you use yak traks or something.

  3. I love Spandits and hope you found something!!!

  4. Hi Alicia!!! If there is snow on the ground, I do wear YakTracks, depending on the shoes I wear. My SkecherGoRun Ultras don't need the help...but other shoes do. :) If it's super icy, I don't go outside....I don't trust myself or the cars! :)


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