Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to 2015!  

I ended 2014 on a happy note....75 more miles than my previous high mileage of 1600!  

that is a 6.15.  the 6 is a little faded on the light Spandits pants!
I'm not a resolution kind of person.  I've posted before that I believe in setting goals for myself and a new year is a great timeframe in which to set specific goals.  

My 2015 Goals are: 

- Continue with PiYo and other strength training 
- Stay injury free (oh please!!!)  
- Drop a couple more pounds 
- PR in the 10 mile (only a month from today!) at MidWinter Classic.  
- Complete Maine Coast Marathon --- which will be marathon #4.  
- Complete either half marathon or marathon at the Inaugural Black Bear Marathon in June
- Depending on how I feel - complete De Mar Marathon in September.   This is a soft goal.  I'd rather not hurt myself.  

looking at this photo...maybe a goal should be to finish the trim in the living room?  um.... never mind.  that's ward's job! 

- Spend more time with the kids.  
- Laugh everyday.
- Help make school more fun for my kids.  
- We will get to Pennsylvania this summer.  

-  Pass the praxis to complete my Math certification.  Not an option.  
-  Complete year 1 of the National Board Training.  

Are you a resolution person?  What are your goals for 2015?  


  1. Great accomplishment with your running in 2014 ! Glad December weather has been decent so you can run. I love seeing the Rail Trail pictures and the sun / snow ! Good luck with your running in 2015, some great, manageable goals you have set ! Happy New Year !


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