Spring into Fitness! {a virtual race}

I do realize it's been spring for a few weeks now, but seriously it just doesn't feel like it in Maine!  We get glimpses here and then and then BAM - snow again!  I've been wanting to post about this virtual race for sometime now, but held off due to a crazy busy life AND the lack of spring here!  I *think* we're getting there, so here it is!  

I'm taking a huge leap and doing the entire Tri For A Cure this year!  Last year I participated in a relay team for this race.  It was an amazing experience and a truly emotional experience.  I made the commitment to myself last year that the next year I would be completing the entire triathlon.  So here I am.... taking on the entire triathlon.  Swim in the ocean and all. 

Tri for a Cure
Tri for a Cure was founded by Julie Marchese and Abby Bliss in 2008.  It only a few years, it has become the largest triathlon in the State of Maine.  Each year, over 1000 women gather in South Portland, Maine for this event.  I failed to mention that it is Maine's only all-women's triathlon.  The race follows the shores of Cape Elizabeth and South Portland - which always provides gorgeous scenery.  Tri for a Cure is a USAT-sanctioned course consisting of a 1/3 mile swim, 15 mile bike ride and a 3 mile run.  

Tri for a Cure provides women a unique opportunity to come together in the fight against cancer.  Tri for a Cure consists of cancer survivors and others racing in support of their loved ones - but in the end, all of the triathletes are coming together to share their desire for a cancer-free Maine.  

Who am I running (and biking and swimming) this for?  
My mom.  My rock.  It's been over 8 years since her death and I never know when the grief will hit me.  Sometimes it comes it comes out of nowhere and hits me like a truck.  Sometimes it's is triggered by a memory.  Either way, I miss that woman like crazy and I mourn for her every single day.  

My college friend and still cherished, great friend, Carissa.  A lovely person, sweet as can be.  Married to her college sweet-heart and mom to 3 incredible boys.  She is in the midst of fighting this battle.  I am in awe of her amazing strength.   She is on the road toward a full recovery and can start running again next week!  She's registered for Beach to Beacon this August and I cannot wait to see her kick cancer's ass and run that super awesome race!!!  

Next up, Victoria.  A lovely lady who came into my life thanks to my husband.  She and Ward used to work together a long time ago and they just clicked.  And then I met her and we clicked.  She is so amazing.  She has tons of wild crazy stories and has lived many adventures I could only imagine doing.  Not to mention, she has two gorgeous daughters.  She's a cancer survivor and showed cancer who is boss!  

I do have one more person I am running for, but this person is going to remain anonymous.  I promised them that.  But this lovely lady was like my second mom for many years.  

In addition, I am doing Tri For A Cure for everyone who is battling cancer, won the battle, lost the battle or anyone impacted by cancer in anyway.  Let's fight to end cancer.  

The fundraising part? 
This year's goal for Tri for a Cure is to raise $1,500,000.  An amazing goal but definitely possible.  Last year this amazing race raised $1,380,000!  The money goes toward Maine Cancer Foundation.  Each triathlete is required to raise $350 toward this goal.  It's a bit of money, but definitely worth it considering where the money goes and what it does!  That's where you and my virtual race come into play.  

Spring into Fitness 5k
I am hosting a Spring into Fitness 5k to raise my part of the fundraiser requirements.   The weather is improving in most parts of the country (Maine is slowly getting there)...so it's time to get out and get moving!  Everyone can participate!  You don't have to be a runner - you just have to move the distance of a 5k - walk, bike, run (crawl it if you have to!).  And if you run out of time one day and can't get it all in?  No worries!  Finish it up another day.   

I've had several outstanding and amazing companies donate for the raffle component of my Spring into Fitness 5k - in order to put your name in for the raffle, you do need to donate to my fundraising page.  The minimum donation for Tri for a Cure is $20.  But check out the prizes you can win!  

The Sponsors
I am so excited by this!  I have some amazing sponsors who have donated items to the prize list this year!  

Have you ever tried NuttZo?  Oh you have to!  I wish they carried it in my local grocery store but it's okay.  I know where I can get it!  This amazing nut butter is organic and made from 7 seeds and nuts. If you haven't tried you, you must!  Thank you, NuttZo for your donation! 
This year I was lucky enough to be chosen to be a ProCompression ambassador.  I've been a huge fan of ProCompression for years so it means a lot for me to be able to represent this outstanding company!  I was even luckier that they agreed to donate a pair of marathon socks as a prize!   If you are looking for a great discount for ProCompression socks .... look no further!   Use the code PRO15 for 40% off anything on their website.  That's a great deal! 

A couple of years ago I won a great hat from a blog giveaway and it was a Janji.  This hat is loved very much by Ward and myself.  Actually, there's an ongoing battle who gets to wear it for winter running.   I have been drawn to Janji because supports running for another.  They have made the promise to fight the global water crisis.  They support a number of countries like Ethiopia, Rwanda, Haiti, Kenya, and many more.  If you purchase an item with that countries name on it, proceeds help provide water for one person for a year in that country.  

Another brand I cannot live without!  Headsweats!  It started with my love for the supervisor, now I'm obsessed with my race hat!  I'm lucky to be one of their amazing Ambassadors and look forward to wearing Headsweats at Boston!  

Sparkly Soul 
Sparkly Soul is one heck of a headband company!  Have you worn one yet?  I have a couple of them and they are amazing.  I sadly lose them every so often to a little 6 year old in my house...but when they reappear, I grab it and hide it.  Now that winter hat season is over, it's time for me to find my Sparkly Souls for running!  They are a no headache, no slip headband that has sparkle or satin 360 degrees.  Also - from 4/8 - 4/16, you can use the code Runningwiththegirls for 10% off at SparklySoul and they will donate a portion of your purchase toward my fundraising efforts as well!!! (the code is valid for individual headbands and not packs/giftcards on the site)

Gone For A Run 
I am a Gone For A Run Ambassador and I love their products!  Of course I do, or I wouldn't have applied to be an ambassador!  From socks, sweatshirts (that I'm wearing right now), training logs, shoes, ornaments, to beer glasses (and more).  They have all of the best running gifts one could ask for and at a super high quality.  PS: Gone For A Run has a virtual 10k coming up that you can sign up for too!   
I've sorted the prizes into a few different packages (and added something more items).  

A blue *gorgeous* Sparkly Soul Headband and NuttZo 2go packs!

GU Brew Recovery, GU Brew Electrolyte, GU Chomps, and 
Sparkly Soul Headband.  

Assorted Clif Shot Recovery and Hydration and the 
blue Sparkly Soul Headband.  

Assorted fuels with a Rundana.  

Headsweats Reflective Cap (high vis yellow)

Headsweat Reflective Cap (coral)

Cordskinz (to not get your earbud cords tangled up), 
Skratch Labs and assorted protein bars.  

Nature Box snacks.  A favorite in our house. 
Because I love them, I'm going to share with you!

A medium reflective skirt.  I honestly won this a couple of years ago and 
have never worn it.  It has a pocket inside and no shorts.  Super cute.  
Very nice to touch.  Just never ever worn.  

Nuts Pack with Chike Protein Coffee and Power Bar - 
because nut butters are great with coffee and chocolate!  

The ProCompression winner will get one pair of marathon socks. 

A gift certificate to Gone For A Run.  
(I haven't been told the amount yet.  I'll update when I know!)

Janji is sending me a shirt.  
I will update when I have a pic and exact size!

Now - the virtual race details!  
*run, walk, or bike a 5k between the dates of 4/7/15 -4/26/15
*donate to my fundraising page 
*enter through the rafflecopter below
*bonus points for a sweaty selfie - emailed to me (be sure to comment below saying you emailed me your sweaty selfie!) at runningwiththegirls AT gmail DOT com
*be sure to earn as many entries through the following rafflecopter prompts 
*remember to indicate what your top prize choices would be if you are one of the winners - there is a prompt in rafflecopter!  (please be clear....  Prize Pack #1, Prize Pack #3.... etc)  
*there will be 13 winners in all

Disclaimer:  I was sent products from some of the above mentioned companies as part of a donation toward my fundraising efforts.  Some products I did purchase or win myself.   As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  


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