Trying to Not Freakout Friday

I'm promise, I'm going to do my absolute best to not freak out.  If I make my to-do list, I will hopefully stay on track.  

I've only run 3 marathons before.... 2 of them in the rain.  Yes, let's break that down - 67% of my marathons have been in the rain.  It looks like Monday will increase those percentages to 75% of my marathons being run in the rain.  No biggie.  I'm pro at running in the rain.   

Since we are going to get dropped off in Hopkington Monday morning, we won't have the option of checking a bag.  This is kind of a bummer because now I won't have dry clothing at the finish line for me.    But that problem is easily solved.  I'm just going to slip my credit card into my ArmPocket so I can just buy something to keep me warm while we wait for the T and for the ride back to Ward and Wade's aunt and uncle's house.  

We're heading to Boston early Sunday morning.  Just so we don't forget, I already put our Runner's Passports in my handbag!  

On the agenda today - YOGA!  My calf and hamstrings are so tight.  Any my yoga friend Terry is absolutely amazing.  I'm going to take her Yin Yoga class, to get that really deep/long stretch my body is needing right now.    

Then packing.  I've already started pulling together some things, but my goal is to have it all done today!    I'll have a flat Jen post shortly, when I finally decide which shoes and capris I'm wearing.  


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