WIAW #DietToGo

Is it summer yet?  I know.  The first day of spring was just Friday, but I'm already done with spring.  We still have quite a bit of snow on the ground and wait for it - it snowed the past couple of days and today the wind is crazy cold!

This past winter, our schedules have been quite crazy.  Both Ward and I are marathon training.  Izzy had dance and basketball and Tucker had basketball.  Soon, Tucker will have soccer and track and Izzy will still have dance.  

With crazy schedules like this, I want simple, easy meals to choose from for myself and my family that are healthy.  Otherwise, I find myself grabbing for that bag of chips or other not-so-healthy food choices.  

Diet-to-Go has been a favorite meal service of mine for a couple of years now.   I had the chance to review a week's worth of meals and they came at the perfect time!  

Here's a few of my favorites.


You can never go wrong with toasting some chocolate zucchini bread and topping it with cranberry orange cream cheese.  Delicious and heavenly all in one.

Mushrooms?  I love them!  Sadly, I am in the only one in my family who does.  I am always happy to have mushrooms all to myself!

I can live on eggs.  Oh wait!  I do.  And when Diet-to-Go makes a creative and yummy ranchero style, I am in love!  I cannot even come close to making my own as good as this one!  Trust me, I tried.  

Hmmm.... more eggs!  Yum!  I could eat hash browns all day too.  Thankfully with Diet-to-Go, the serving is already measured out for you so you cannot go back for more.  Which I can and I do.  Thank you Diet-to-Go!  


I'm not sure how it is at your workplace, but at school, there are temptations everywhere.  When I arrive at a lunch party, with my Salmon Burger with Mango Salsa, I knew my temptations would be put at bay...and my meal was the best smelling and tasting one!  

Oh my YUM!  So simple.  So delicious.  The perfect serving sizes of my favorites all in one.  Izzy came over and started sharing too.  I didn't want to, but of course, she gave me those cute little eyes of hers and so we did!  

Fish is delicious.  But my creativity when it comes to preparing it, ends at broiling it with lemon.  This crusted whitefish was so yummy and perfectly portioned!

And I love ravioli!  But I tend to eat far more than I should.  Again, Diet-to-Go delivers great taste and no sacrifice in the quality.  They just do the hard work like portion control and that makes all of the difference!

I cannot say enough at how much I love Diet-to-Go!  It is the perfect meal plan for anyone looking for delicious, real foods with portion control.  This is not you normal diet-meal service.  They offer the best selection and the best customer service with great prices. And if you do - use the code  DTGA120 for 25% off! Check them out!  


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