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Puma IGNITE - Shoe Review

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of PUMA.

Before Boston, Ward was telling me I needed to try a different brand of shoe.  One that was still fast, but was a little firmer and would provide me with more of a push off.  I think I found that with the new Puma IGNITE

At first glance, I was a little nervous.  They seemed super firm.   I've seriously grown to love cushy shoes and my foot issues have loved the cushy shoes as well.  So I was a little nervous that the firmness wouldn't work out.  

Well, guess what?  I was wrong!  SOOO wrong.   In the past few weeks, I've raked up over 50 miles in them and I am loving the feel of the Puma IGNITE.  

The Puma IGNITE features are:  *Energy Return with full length IGNITED foam midsole's PU blend offers high rebound cushioning  *Step In Comfort with IGNITE foam that provides instant comfort where you need it most  *Long-Lasting Performance with foreverfoam that is used in the heel to disperse impact and provide extra durabi…

Holding Myself Accountable + Giveaway

I admit it.  I'm a number junkie.  When I'm running, I'm constantly running numbers  through my head "my pace is...",  "I have xxx more laps to do", "wow, my VO2Max is 167", "If I run xxx today, then I have xxx more to run this week to meet my goal."  

We're all guilty.  But it's a healthy kind of obsession.  I think so anyway.  To be honest, I'm getting older, and my memory isn't like it was.  I totally blame it on the kids.  They are memory suckers.  

I still love them to pieces though!  
I've tried many a recording methods - notebook, websites, apps, and now a personalized running log custom made just for me by journalMENU!!!   I've got to say, I'm a huge fan of tracking my running with this running journal!    This is what Erica came up just for me from my blog.... my logo and purple....and a shoe print.  Perfect!  

A quick glance at the book - brings out many great highlights:  

Along with a half mara…

Drumroll please..... Spartan Winner!

My apologies for doing this so late in the day!  I seriously meant to choose a winner this morning!  

Here you go.......  

The winner is:  

Congrats Brandi!  Please email me at runningwiththegirls AT to claim your Spartan code!  
If you didn't win....there is still time to use the discount code MEMORIAL for up to $40 off your Spartan registration within the continental US.    
Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Spartan - Flash Giveaway & Discount Code

One of the best races I've done was the Spartan at Fenway.  This race and course challenged me in ways I could never imagine.  But when all was said and done, I felt badass.  I would LOVE to do another Spartan.  And I will, just not this year.    
But, for those of you, I have one excellent deal for you!

That's right!  Up to $40 on your next (or first) Spartan race.  Use the code MEMORIAL good through 5/27/15.  The code will only work one time for any open heat (non-confirmed start time) Spartan Race in the continental US.  

But today - I have a FLASH Giveaway today for free entry to any US Spartan race.  Comment below with which Spartan race you would like to do.  Entries will close tonight 5/24/15.  I will announce the winner tomorrow morning.  Good luck!!!  

Thankful Tuesday

Life seriously got a bit overwhelming the past couple of weeks, and sadly the blogging had to take a little break.  National Board exam, National Board portfolio, and Praxis II Mathematics.  I know how to pile it on and pile it on to monumental craziness.  

Crazy?  Yes.  Add that to training for 2 marathons, taper crazies, Tucker in soccer and track, Izzy and her dance recital.  I'm in need of a HUGE break.  Today actually felt a little boring only having to get Tucker from track.  

I have a lot in store for you...a couple of giveaways and my recap of Maine Coast Marathon.  Trust me.  They are coming.  Stay tuned!  

But let me get this off my chest!  I was a special education teacher for over 14 years.  I've proctored many standardized tests.  Sadly, yesterday I experienced the worst testing experience ever.  I went to a local community college to take the Praxis II for my teaching certification (meaning - I have to pass this test).  I've been studying for this test foreve…

Move It Monday #TaperCrazies

Did somebody tell me running marathons 3 weeks apart was a good idea?  Right now I've got the serious taper crazies!!!

You see, the husband is the more experienced marathoner in the house.  2 times he had a rather unsuccessful Boston Marathon and then has gone on to run Sugarloaf and has gotten PR's.    So when he gives me advice about what to do between marathons, I listen.  I'm not happy about it, but I am listening.   He is forcing me to let my body completely recover from Boston, where it took an absolute beating.  It hurt worse after that marathon than any other marathon I've done.  And he knew it.  I do like a voice of reason.  Sometimes.

Because I was so achy last week, I decided to see a Sports Doctor/Physical Therapist.  I felt my Plantar Fasciitis rearing it's ugly head and my butt muscle pull was angry too.  In addition to a tight calf.  I thought I was falling apart.  I know I'm not, but I thought I was!  Dr. Pickle gave me great advice with stret…