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Umm....FINALLY my Maine Coast Marathon Recap

On Mother's Day.... yeah...WAAAY back to May 10th, I ran marathon #5 - The Maine Coast Marathon.... otherwise known as my personal worst marathon ever.  And let's seriously HOPE that will be the case forever.

A little rewind...3 weeks prior, I ran the Boston Marathon and scored my first worst marathon in sub 40F/25 mph headwinds/downpours - you know - fabulous weather.  I made smart marathon choices and only brought my singlet with me and froze my ass off.  Seriously?  Who am I only bringing one top?  Anyway, this post is not about Boston. 

Maine Coast Marathon Gear - Skechers GoRun3, ProCompression low socks #twopairdontcare, Spandits singlet, Spandits custom (and out of print) boardies, Headsweats Visor, FlipBelt (which I lost at the marathon...and had to buy another because I love it so much), SOS Rehydrate, and HoneyStinger.  

Fastforward 3 weeks later, I was ready.  I felt absolutely ready to get myself a marathon PR (which would be a sub 3:56).   Carrie and I headed dow…

Happy National Sunglasses Day! #NationalSunglassesDay

*Disclaimer: I was asked by the Vision Council to participate in this webinar in exchange for a blog post. I received a sunglasses, a cooling towel, and other summer accessories, from the Vision Council in exchange for my post.

I recently participated in a webinar - Healthy Bodies, Healthy Eyes: Protecting Vision from UV Radiation, which was presented by Dr. Justin Bazan, OD.  The webinar was sponsored by the Vision Council and the primary focus was how and why we should protect our eyes.  
A few tidbits I learned is: - 1 out of 4 American rarely or never wear sunglasses - 2 out of 3 Americans leave they eyes unprotected on cloudy or rainy days - 3 out of 10 Americans do not protect their eyes in the winter 

Personally, I was shocked to read this!  I find I squint a bit on rainy days or winter days (hello reflection on all of that white stuff that continuously falls to the ground!) - of course it would make sense to wear sunglasses year round - in all types of weather - sunny, rainy, clo…

Tried It Tuesday

7 more school days.  I can do it.  To be honest, the last few days have been incredibly crazy.  The seniors are done (with school) but planning project graduation and doing all of the last minute organizing is absolutely overwhelming!  Thankfully I have incredible co-workers who allow me to ask them 6,000 questions a day.  I am so thankful my class officers helped out as much as they did...but now is the time that they need to be focused on themselves and enjoying the last few days!    I just need to get through until 7am (ish) and hopefully not too much longer after that....   It's going to be tough, but a ton of fun!  

They did the senior prank last week and my room got hit.   I actually thought it was funny!   
Now.... you know I love my smoothies!  You also know I love chocolate.  So, when CocoaVia offered to send me samples of their daily cocoa supplements, I had to try them out!  Um HELLO dark chocolate!!!  

Sadly, the dark chocolate was the first to disappear.  But that…

Bye Bye Calluses!

8 more school days until SUMMER!  I'm not excited by this at all.  

As the snow melted and the mud pit of my driveway dried up, out came the flip flops.  But first I had to do a few things to not scare everyone.  First - put some nail polish on those ugly nails.  I have thick nails and some black nails.  No one really wants to see them.  That was the easy part.  

The second part is always the hard part.  And I usually go to someone for a pedicure because it takes me forever with a little callus remover --- the old school cheese grater looking thing.  That never really did much for the seriously ugly and huge calluses I grow.

Ward always said "you need a sanding belt for those things".  Yep.  He's right.  But then I received the  invitation to try out the Micro-Pedi by Emjoi.  As soon as it came, I freed those ugly calluses....and started working.  My mini-belt sander ... I mean Micro-Pedi by Emjoi worked like a charm!  It took on those calluses like a champ.  

And f…

What are you doing Wednesday?

Well - of course it's a "RUN" day..... but did you know that it's National Running Day?  There is NO better way to celebrate than to GO FOR A RUN!  

Today was a scheduled rest day.  But tomorrow.  Oh tomorrow - is definitely a run day.  It's going to be a great day for a run too!  I have 6 miles planned and I cannot wait!  
For those of you planning on getting your run done tomorrow.....OrthoLite is hosting a sweet giveaway for a chance to win one of three $100 American Express git cards and a pair of OrthoLite Fusion insoles.  To enter - all you need to do is post a photo of your run on June 3rd and take @ortholite with #RunOrthoLite on Facebook and/or Twitter.  
New running shoes....

A challenging run....

Your running buddy that pushes you farther and faster....   well, somedays she does.

A gorgeous running route...

Your favorite running outfit....

A Run You are Proud of....

Your Running Friends....

Get creative!  
3 qualifying winners will be randomly selected by 9am …