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All of this in a little box?

It's not secret.  I'm a huge fan of the UPS truck and FedEx truck.  I even LOVE the USPS truck when it brings me packages...not bills.  Sometimes I think I order things online so they'll come visit and won't forget where I live.  Just kidding.  Maybe not.  

Life is super busy and I don't have time to run to the store for this and that.  I don't!  And when I can sign up for a subscription box that comes automatically - hello! Not having to think about one more thing - I'm all like SIGN ME UP!  
That's why I love the Bulu Box.  You get to try out samples of products focusing on health, nutrition and weight loss each month without the commitment.  

Like I said, it's a monthly subscription box that comes packed full of goodies.  This month I got to try out a box as part of a FitApproach Campaign and I was not disappointed.  
As you know I'm in the midst of marathon training.  AGAIN.  And I'm always on the lookout for great fuel.   But I'm al…

Time for a Change

I need to be honest.  I've been packing on the pounds and it seriously frustrates me.  I've packed on a good 15 pounds in the past couple of years.... 8 of them being this summer.  

This summer my body has been going through some weird ass changes.  It doesn't matter how much I run, what I eat/don't eat, I just keep gaining weight.  This seriously pisses me off.  I don't like the way my clothing fits at all.    Also, extra weight on the body makes asthmatic symptoms increase.  Blah.  Not cool!   I don't understand why.  I've had my thyroid tested.  Negative.  Could it be that I'm nearing 40?  But there are so many women out there that are 40+ who aren't packing on the pounds like I am.  Time for a change!

This week I started a detox with my friend, Kristy, to see where it takes me.  To me, detox used to mean starvation.  It scared the crap out of me.    Basically, I'm cutting out dairy, gluten, and high sugar foods.  It's a very clean eatin…

7 Day Stretch with prAna and Sweat Pink

I’m joining prAna and Sweat Pink for a super fun, #7daystretch #liveinprana challenge – it starts today (Monday, August 24th) and ends at the end of the week (Sunday, August 30th). Join in on the fun – answering daily prompts (see below) – or if you’d prefer to lurk, you can follow along on FitApproach or through the hashtags: #liveinprana #7daystretch #sweatpink!

We’ll be talking about how we (the community) embrace a prAna lifestyle (#liveinprana) and are challenging ourselves to stretch a little deeper, farther and more mindfully for 7 whole days (the #7daystretch). And we’re not just stretching our bodies so you don’t have to be pretzel to join in, we’re also stretching our minds and souls!

I’d love for you Carrie and Nancy and Smitha to join me for this fun challenge. Complete the fun mad-lib below and let’s get this PARTY started!

Enjoying the last days of summer with yoga on the dock #liveinprAna #7daystretch #postrunyoga #yogaeverydamnday @prana @fitapproach #sweatpink #sweatpin…

Marathon Must-Haves

Happy Hump Day!  Summer is nearly over and marathon mileage is increasing - sounds about normal for me.

I was looking over my marathon plan and race schedule today and I'm on week 6 of marathon training already!  How did that happen?
Holy hot long run done! 12 miles done this am. Thankful for a fab babysitter so I can get my run in! Cushy run in my #Enigma5 fueled by @honeystinger #realhydration with @sosrehydrate #teamrehydrate @headsweats #hsambassador #seeninspandits @procompression #keepittight and @flipbelt @armpocket @garmin and #goodsport #antichafing #fitfluential #ffcheckin #phillymarathon ##sweatpink #ffobsession #mamalete #marathontraining and photobombed by the dogs! Of course. πŸ˜œπŸΆπŸ’œ A photo posted by Jen Boudreau (@runningwtg) on Jul 10, 2015 at 7:32am PDT

My fall race schedule is pretty full right now.  I super excited and super nervous all at the same time about this!  
My fall races
Maine Half Marathon -- 10/4 Not only is this a race, but it's part of an all wome…

My First Ever Triathlon #TriForACure

My year of "firsts" has been rolling along quite nicely.   It's been quite an amazing ride so far and I'm checking off my races like crazy.  So crazy, I'm backlogged in blogging about them.  I've been enjoying summer with my kids, training for my races, and studying for the Praxis like a crazy woman - blogging has taken a little back burner..... I write blog posts in my head daily.  But when it comes to getting to my computer and actually typing it out - yeah, that's where I drop the ball!

Anyway - I need to tell you all about my first triathlon ever - Tri For A Cure!  If you wanted me to summarize it in one word --- emotional.  

Leading up to the race, my training wasn't very formal or even scheduled.  
Swimming:  Thankfully I found a spectacular Tri Training Group with my friend Amy at a local lake.  I was super lucky to make a few great friends.  The swim instructor ROCKED.  She was super patient with me and let's say - I needed a lot of help. …

Beach to Beacon Recap

Last weekend I lined up with over 6500 runners in Cape Elizabeth, Maine to run the gorgeous 6.2 mile course along the Coast of Maine.  I've said it before and I'll say it a million more times, I am so lucky to live in Maine and have such gorgeous places to run!

With B2B and the large number of runners for such a small community, the logistics of getting to the race start in the morning require some forethought.  Our first year doing it (many moons ago) we were stuck on "the bridge" and when we finally made it to our shuttle parking lot - we had to sprint to the last bus to make it to the starting line.  Lesson learned --- never listen to Ward.

Since that awful, stressful experience - I've been a little too high-strung about getting to the shuttle parking lots in time.  Perhaps a little too stressed and I may or may not drive everyone around me crazy.  They love me and they know it.

This year I promised to not wake up hours before our meeting time and send text…

Yoplait Penti #LandofPlenti

It's no secret.  I absolutely LOVE greek yogurt... breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner... anytime of day is perfect for greek yogurt!  Usually I'm adding it to something or adding something to the yogurt.  When I found out about Yoplait's new Plenti yogurt, I seriously got excited!

I searched the Yoplait site and found that my local Walmart carried it!   We made a trip there and were so sad to see that it was not in stock there.   So, I tried the next closest Walmart...and success!

Sadly my local grocery store doesn't carry it - yet.  I'm positive I'll see it there soon!  Plenty comes in 8 different flavors - Black Cherry, Blueberry, Coconut, Peach, Raspberry, Spiced Apple, Strawberry, and Vanilla.  I have tried all but Raspberry and Spiced Apple, only because they were not in stock yet.  I cannot wait to try them because I'm positive they'll be as delicious as the others!

With Plenti Greek Yogurt, I don't have to add anything to it.  It's all the…