Yoplait Penti #LandofPlenti

It's no secret.  I absolutely LOVE greek yogurt... breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner... anytime of day is perfect for greek yogurt!  Usually I'm adding it to something or adding something to the yogurt.  When I found out about Yoplait's new Plenti yogurt, I seriously got excited!

I searched the Yoplait site and found that my local Walmart carried it!   We made a trip there and were so sad to see that it was not in stock there.   So, I tried the next closest Walmart...and success!

Sadly my local grocery store doesn't carry it - yet.  I'm positive I'll see it there soon!  Plenty comes in 8 different flavors - Black Cherry, Blueberry, Coconut, Peach, Raspberry, Spiced Apple, Strawberry, and Vanilla.  I have tried all but Raspberry and Spiced Apple, only because they were not in stock yet.  I cannot wait to try them because I'm positive they'll be as delicious as the others!

With Plenti Greek Yogurt, I don't have to add anything to it.  It's all there - the flavor, the pumpkin seeds, flax and oats AND it's gluten free.  I love the texture - not too thin, not too thick.  Just perfect!  Perfect for anytime of day.  This is going to make my back-to-school life much easier as well!  The absolute perfect snack for me at school.

Tell me - do you love greek yogurt?  Then you definitely have to find Yoplait's Plenti and give it a try!!!  


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