Breaking the rules with #AltraRunning

You know the rule... never, ever, ever run a race in new shoes.  That is why I packed 2 pairs of running shoes when I went to Runner's World Half and Festival.   Spoiler alert..I never put them on.  Not even once.  

But then, this happened..... 

And I was in love.   I mean all of me.  My toes. My feet.  My body.  Everything just clicked with these shoes.   Um...yes... Altra Running, you rock!   

So my first thought was - let's just try the 3.8 trail run in them.  It's ONLY 3.8 miles.  My first run in a pair of shoes can be up to 6ish miles normally...   Like how I'm convincing myself it's okay?  

So I ran the Runner's World Trail race in them.  Other than the tread being a little slippery on the rocks...(Torin's are not trail shoes) - my feet and body felt great!  

The next thought was...I'll just TRY them out for the 5k.  I'll bring along my other shoes and change for the 10k if I have to.  So I did the 5k.  Successfully and happy with how my feet felt.  

Then I thought let's try the 10k in them...I mean it's ONLY 6.2 miles.  No big deal.  Right?  Again...another successful run in the Torin's.  

I convinced myself that I was calling it quits with 3 races in new shoes and that it wouldn't be smart if I ran the half in NEW shoes.  But then I convinced myself they weren't really new shoes anymore.  I mean..I had already run 13.1 miles in them during 3 different races. How could they possibly be new?!  

So...I wore them.  And I loved them.  The cushion was perfect.  They light, responsive ride was what craved in a running shoe.  And the space?  Oh yeah.... my toes had room to breathe and spread out - making them SO incredibly happy!  

clearly great speed shoes

I didn't stop there.  I went on to run in them for almost every run over the past 2 weeks.  My thoughts?  Yep, still in love.  I have run well over 80 miles in them.    My bunions are super happy.  No blisters.  No achiness.  My arches?  Happy too.  With each strike, I feel the cushion come up and hug my arch. ITB issues?  None.    

even stood up to my treadmill test

I also maybe *accidentally* purchased a pair of One 2.5's (which will be here today!).  

My Torin's were over the top perfect for my 18 miler.  

And perfect for the tempo run.  

You know what?  They are just perfect shoes for any type of run!  

16 chilly miles with Torins?  Heck yes!!!

And then 8 miles the next day?  Sure...why not?  The Torin's can handle it and keep me happy!  

One thing I never knew about shoe fittings is that a relaxed toe splay maximizes comfort, stability, and natural shock absorption.  Altra has perfected this and then some with their line.  Altra Running - you definitely wowed me with this shoe!  I'm looking forward to being wowed again!  

disclaimer: I was provided a pair of Altra Running shoes as part of my experience at Runner's World Half and Festival as an influencer.  I was not required to run in these shoes at all or was a I required to blog about my love for them.  


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