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Why You Should Try Snow Shoe Running

Snow shoe races have intrigued me for a long time.   And I'm ready to take the plunge and actually do a race this March.  Insert nervous laugh.  

Living in Maine, there are times that we are completely overwhelmed with snow when it seems like the only option is to strap on the snow shoes and get out there.  Plus, I'm super blessed to have fields that give me a 1/3 of mile loop...where I can strap on my snow shoes and run around my fields while the kids play outside and the dogs chase me around on the trail.  

For some reason, Winter Storm Jonas took a turn and decided to hit the central East Coast States...and we lucked out on the snow dumping. However, I am positive we'll get our turn and have a big ass storm come our way and give us more snow than I really want...but I'll take in all in stride and strap on my beloved snow shoes from LL Bean and head out for a snow shoe run.  

I will add that I'm not one of those hardcore, I'm running outside in all weather ty…

Running to Lose Weight

When I first starting running, the weight seriously poured off me.   I loved seeing those pounds melt away..which in turn made me love running even more.  

For a long time after that, I found I could eat just about anything and not gain a single pound.  I'm not going to lie to you.  It was glorious.  However, times have changed.  My body has changed.  And so has my weight.  
I went from 130 to 145 in a year with super slow running times.   Gasp! I know.  Some people would be ecstatic with 145.  Trust me.  I used to be so happy in the 140-150's.  Nothing wrong with 145.  Nothing at all.  But then I got a taste of what it felt like to be in the 130's and I didn't want to go back.  Silly.  I know.  

My weight has been all over the place lately.  I've been feeling frustrated with it so when I received an email asking me to review Runner's World: Running to Lose Weight.  I thought it made complete sense to get this book and see what is all about.  
First of all.  I …

Time to Change it UP with #ChangeAMeal

Some people are all about New Year's Resolutions.  I think they fail for a wait until January 1st, try it for a few do see the immediate results...and you give up.  I know.  I've done that before!  It's a vicious cycle.

What works for me is...

My change is #ChangeAMeal.  I'm switching out my lunch for a smoothie.  Every damn day.   I am shifting my focus on food as comfort, or boredom buster.... is gone.  Far gone.  I'm shifting my habits to thinking of food as fuel.   Confession time, I've been practicing this since August, and it works!

Smoothie King is encouraging YOU to Change-A-Meal with one of their 20 Meal Replacement Smoothies (click here for the list of delicious smoothies!)- all of them with the goal of helping you reach your goal of being a healthier person.

My first trip to Smoothie King was a couple of weeks ago when we were in Boston for Tucker's surgery.  I wanted a healthy lunch, so while Tucker was in surgery, we po…

Cherish The Moments

Forgive me for getting all sappy on you.  I love my kids and will move heaven and earth for them.  With our cancer scare with our older son, it's really shaken me up and I've been wanting to spend more and more time with my kids.  I don't care what we're doing.  If we're cuddling on the couch, shopping at Target, reading a book, taking a walk in the snow.  Just as long as we're together and smiling.  That's all what matters.  

I was sent the Scala Slouchy Beret to review.  When it came, Izzy immediately looked at me with her gorgeous hazel eyes and asked if she could have the hat.  Of course, I melted and said yes.  And she looks so much cuter in it than I do anyway.

She loves it and wears it just about overtime we go shopping or for a walk because it's her "fancy hat".  Isn't that so cute?  I love the way it looks on her and matches just about everything she owns.

This little girl has taught me so much about love.  She has a big heart a…

2015 in Review in Pictures

I'm a little late to the 2015 recap party.  This past week was a little crazy in my household with a quick trip to Boston for my oldest to have surgery.  Now that we're home and he's resting and recovering, I can focus on the blog again.

Let's see.  In 2015, I ran.....
3 Marathons Boston Marathon.

Maine Coast Marathon.

Philadelphia Marathon.  

3 Half Marathons. Race The Runways.

Maine Half Marathon.  

Runners World.  

I ran Mt. Washington!  

and while I was at it, I conquered my fear of heights! 

I completed my first tri!

I went to the Runners World Festival and ran the Grand Slam!   (see half marathon above) 

and while I was there, I got to hang out with Bart! 

And got to meet Deena!  

I went to my first runner's retreat....  Rise.Run.Retreat.