Time to Detox

And no more excuses!  

That about sums it up.  Last August/September, I participated in my first Arbonne Detox.  I was so concerned and nervous about the detox and how it would impact my body, my running, my marathon performance.  It turned out, the detox was the best thing I could have done!  

The results of the Arbonne Detox:
* I lost 14 pounds
* My face was clearer than it has ever been (and I didn't use Arbonne face product)
* My energy levels were high
* Bloating was reduced

Not to mention I ran a half marathon PR AND a marathon PR just after the detox.  Hmmm......   

This got me thinking.  I continued with the 2 replacement meal shakes/day since the detox and a meal at night.  For a long time, I was really controlled and only splurged 1 time a week.  But then the delicious holiday food happened.   And then we started going to Boston every other week for surgeries/appointments for Tucker.  My stress level rose...and my desire to devour a bag of chips increased.  

Well, it's time again! I've been battling an angry stomach.  I may need to have gall bladder surgery, but the doctor said I can control it with diet.  I'm seriously not looking forward to another person in my family needing surgery, so I am starting a detox with a couple of friends today as a (new) Arbonne Consultant.  

Going into this detox today, I've set a couple of goals for myself:
* Increase water consumption
* Zero cheating in the 30 days
* Lose 5 pounds 

Part of the detox isn't just about nutrition, it's about focusing on a fitness goal.  I've been lax about committing to races, because I wasn't really sure what our future held in terms of surgeries for my son.  However, it seems like we've rounded that corner and heading toward recovery.  So, it's time to refocus my running and training and make some definite plans.  

What does that really mean?  I know it's not going to include a spring marathon.  I wanted to.  But I also don't want to commit that amount of time to training right now.  If I were to commit to a marathon right now, I'd want to put everything I have into it so I could go big.  I seriously do not have that time right now to do my training justice.  Which is why I'm sticking with a fall marathon.  

My eye is on a half marathon or two this spring, a few 10ks, maybe a 5k or so.  Then work my ass off for DeMar this September.  I'm still deciding which races I really want to do this spring/summer - but the list does include some favorites:

* LL Bean 10k
* Beach to Beacon 10k
* Sugarloaf 15K
* Mt Washington Road Race (if I get picked from the lottery!) 
* and maybe Race the Runways - not a favorite, but it's flat and it is a couple of weeks later than it normally is, so I'm hoping for improved conditions?!?!  

There's lots of room for more races, I just haven't decided yet.... but it will come together!  

Have you ever done a detox?   How about your race schedule???  Tell me about it!  


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