Move It Monday --- Running With My Dogs

Hello, Monday!  A new week.  A new chance to get moving and make an impact.  Spring is just about here and warmer temperatures continue to make appearances here and there in New England.  I hear it's going to be a fabulous week and I have lots of plans to spend time running outside this week.  Craziness, I know!

This girl has spent quite a bit of time connecting with the treadmill this winter.  It wasn't an especially bad winter.  I just wanted to have a safe, well-lit, place to run without having to deal with ice/brutal winds, and darkness.  The gym obviously provided me with that - so it won!   

Bonus for running inside: indoor plumbing, fans, holder for my phone and lots of movie watching, place to hold my SOS Rehydrate, and a chance to rock the knee high ProCompression socks with Spandits shorts ALL winter long!  My fave treadmill shoes?????  Altra One 2.5.  Yeah!  Love them!   

OH - and I get to listen to Spring Moves on my phone....they have fabulous playlists and a radio part that mixes up the songs and I don't get tired of my own playlist!  Sign up here from you mobile device!!!

Yesterday, I broke away from the treadmill and ran outside.... on my road.  I had two cute dogs looking at me, begging me to join me on the run, when I was getting ready.  I am smart enough to know not to bring both.  The last time I did that, they nearly took me out at the knees.  

Which means, if I bring them, I need to break the run into two parts.  A Pepper run, then a Mallie run.  Pepper is 8 years old and hasn't run since the fall.  I don't want to overdo it with her, so I thought 4 miles was a great start.  She performed like a rockstar for the 4 -miles....and then came home and slept for about 4 hours.  

YOU have to get these newest thermal Spandits! The name is Vivacity... and the color online doesn't even give it justice!  Use SPANDITSLOVE for 10% off and say Jen B sent you!  You will live in this.  I promise you that!

Mallie hasn't run with me since the fall either and it wasn't pretty.  She was trying to trip me every five seconds.  After that I bought her a chest harness.... but didn't take her running with me since then.  Yesterday we restarted running together, with the chest harness and she was amazing!  Some tugs along the way, but super focused and very attentive.  And speed?  She's going to be a great one with speed and distance!  

I love my ProCompression lows as well.  The fit is like no other low sock, ever.  And these Olympus 2.0?  Y
eah... road and trail shoes are the best.  I love the versatility....and they are amazing for any kind of run.
Long, short, fast, slow.  Get them!

Do you run with dogs?   I happened to see that Gone For A Run has added a new section to their store..... Running With Your Dog, and I seriously NEED this shirt!  It completely speaks to me!  

I see lots of miles with these girls for now on!  I don't mind breaking my runs into parts.... because getting them out there for a run has amazing benefits for them and myself!  


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