NYCM Anyone?

It's been on my bucket list of marathons for some time now.  Last year, I put my name in the lottery and wasn't chosen.  This year, I thought about it.  I thought about it real hard..... I would fill out the form and get ready to press submit and then I would close the page.

But then, I received an email from Boston Children's Hospital asking if I wanted to apply to be part of their charity team - Miles for Miracles.  Boston Children's Hospital - the freaking awesome hospital that finally gave us the answers we needed with Tucker.... filled with many children with very serious and rare conditions... well, of course I'll apply!  I've been searching for a way to give back to the fabulous programs at Boston Children's Hospital and this just seems like the best way possible.  

Before all of this New York City Marathon talk happened, Ward and I were planning on taking the kids to New York City for a family trip anyway.   So why not go an extra couple of days and combine a great family trip and a marathon?  Right!  

My fundraising has started and I'll be hosting some fun events along the way.  Stay tuned for more information - but until then, check out my fundraising page here.  

New Year's Eve @ Children's Hospital in Boston after two failed surgeries 

Part of the Miles for Miracles training allows participants to choose a patient partner.....  I've decided to choose Tucker, my strong son, who has dealt with 5 surgeries in less than a year for a very rare, but benign hystiocytoma tumor that began growing in the center of his nose last year.  After two unsuccessful surgeries in Maine and seeing many other specialists in Maine with no answers, we were finally referred to Boston Children's Hospital and were relieved to finally see a specialist with answers!  He's still recovering and is an absolute champ in my book!  

The way I see it, I'm running this marathon for Tucker and for all of the kids, their families and staff at Boston Children's Hospital.   Seeing all of the children coming in and out of the hospital during out multiple visits broke my heart.  We were one of the lucky ones, only staying for a few hours.  Many came in with suitcases and even wagons full of bags for their long stays.  The parents and families waiting in the waiting room....  the waiting.  That is the hardest part.  And the staff - I cannot say enough positive things about how incredible the staff is at Boston Children's Hospital!  


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