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The Grill Life #grillalfresco

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of al fresco. The opinions and text are all mine.

There is just something about summer and my grill that makes me super excited.   I'm not sure about you, but a burger or sausage ALWAYS tastes better when it's from the grill!

I don't have the time or energy to sit at home and come up with recipes for dinner.  We're always on the go.  Even in the summer.  And when it comes time for dinner, we just want something delicious and quick.  THANKFULLY al fresco has delicious products, found super easily at my local grocery store.  I've been a fan of al fresco for some time now, and I'm excited to share the newest flavor with you Sweet and Smokey BBQ.  

It's seriously easy to make.  Preheat your grill.  Open the packet.  Place the sausage on the grill.  Turn them a few times.... I do about 10 minutes.   Then plate those babies, cut up and enjoy.  Super easy and delicious!

al fresco's chicken sausages are…

Protect Your Eyes! #nationalsunglassesday

It's summer... and it's time to get outside and take in that natural Vitamin D and do all the things we love to do in the summer.  You know you love it!  

But before you do that!  Remember to take care of your eyes!   They are exposed to so many irritants and stresses....  we often take our eye health for granted, but it's important to put on your sunglasses and protect them!

The long term effects of not wearing UV protective eyewear is alarming.  Closing in on 40 myself, we see changes happening in my vision and it makes me even more conscientious about what damage I may be causing to my eyes.... cataracts and cancer are only two of the many possible issues that may arise from not protecting my eyes, but they are big ones that I would love to avoid.  

Protecting your eyes doesn't require a lot of equipment.  Actually, you just need to wear sunglasses with UV protection and a hat.  If you don't like wearing both, please consider wearing at least your sunglasses to…

Fighting Back Against Allergies

I have been blessed with a multitude of allergies.  Seasonal allergies is a major component to my long list of allergies.   Fortunately, I now take a daily allergy medication due to the other allergies.  However, when certain plants are in bloom and the pollen count is high, my sinus congestion and headaches still take over my life... leaving me incredibly cranky and wiped out.  

I have tried tons of nasal sprays before, hoping and praying for relief.  Every single time I try one, I get this awful feeling and smell/taste with an awful aftertaste.  Then to top it off, my nose would get super dry and oftentimes lead to bloody noses.  That's not fun at all!    When I was provided the opportunity to try out XLEAR, I was a little nervous, but super excited at the same time.  

I've been using XLEAR for a few weeks now, during peak allergy season and I'm loving how it clears my nasal passages in the morning and afternoon.... or anytime I feel a bit congested.  The "taste&quo…

Here I Go! Only One Hill! I'm FREAKING excited!

The day is almost here.... the day I've been training for the past couple of months.  

Tomorrow after school I'll be heading off to Mount Washington for a small little race.  You know, no big deal.... just 7.6 miles ALL UPHILL....  for the Mount Washington Road Race.

How does one prepare for a 100% incline race?   I've been putting in a ton of time on the treadmill on 100% incline runs.  Lots of and lots of those.  My favorite workout was run @ 10-12% incline for 0.3miles, power walk at @14-15% for 0.2 miles.... and repeat. 

I've been doing lots of leg strengthening as well.  Because they are going to be working so HARD on Saturday!  

Because let's be honest, there are some super steep parts where power walking is going to be much more efficient.  I found that out last year when I ran it for the first time!  I've set a goal of sub 1:50.  Last year I squeaked in just under the 2 hour mark.... so we shall see if this year's training has paid off!  No time to …

5 Steps toward Recovery

If you keep going and going, eventually your body is going to put on the breaks.  Somehow, someway, it will definitely tell you to rest.  Sometimes it's through an illness or an injury.  Perhaps it's sore/tired muscles or exhaustion.  Listening to your body is hard.  For one, it doesn't talk.  You need to learn the signs and do what is best for you!   

Over the years, I've become injured, gotten sick, been sore.... and so tired.  Yes, all of the signs.  It's taken a long time to learn the little things about how my body tells me it's time to recover. In the process, I've also learned a few tricks along the way.  

1.  Recovery Shakes.   They are my friend.  For me, I know that I need to refuel after a long run with protein.  It helps me to rebuild those muscles that just got beaten down by that long run and helps to replenish all of the other nutrients my body needs to recover and go on.  I've tried so many different types of shakes/protein powders over t…

4 Super Simple Ways to Make Healthy Eating Choices

Making healthy eating choices doesn't have to be time consuming or expensive!

1.  Veggies & Fruit For the Win! A little forethought and planning goes a long way with when making healthy eating choices.   Long road trip ahead?  Grab some fruit or vegetables for the road! 

2.   Plan Ahead.   Heading to a new place? Or want to go out to eat, but fear falling off the wagon?  Most menus for eating establishments are available online.  I have been lucky to be able to find healthier eating choices when going out to eat.  This can be tricky, but you can request meals without the sauces (which usually are calorie laden) or ask for steamed vegetables.    

3.  Meal prep.   One great way to make sure what you eat throughout the week is to prep your meals on the weekend. This works, but only when you have the time to put into the meal prep!  I would love to make a huge batch of a quinoa salad and separate it into smaller portions to eat throughout the week.  Did you know that Bob's Red M…

Race Recap: Color Dash

I strongly believe the best way to get your kids active is to make it fun.   This same thought process is also true for adults.  

When I saw that there was going to be a Color Dash 20 minutes from my house... I knew the kids would love it and I would love doing this with them too!  

I was curious about how the Color Dash differed from the other color runs and was pleased to find out that the Color Dash donates 50% of the profit back to the community where the race is held, I'm thinking it's a great race to do! 

When I showed up to the packet pick-up, I was amazed and impressed to see the huge number of volunteers running the show!  

I loved that the race was held on my favorite Kennebec River Rail Trail.  A place I love to run.   And was super happy the kids could run it with me too!   

I found the race to be very well organized, the volunteers were super friendly! And there were several local businesses there offering breakfast foods.  Again, the local involvement was aweso…