Creating your Own Sunshine with JERGENS®

I've been gone from the blog scene for a few weeks as I was studying for the hardest test for my career .. and I passed!  Finally.  I needed to pass the Praxis 2 Mathematics Content Knowledge.   20 years ago, this stuff was simple to me and I should have taken it then!  Anyway, I'm back and recharged and ready to catch up on my postings!  I missed you all!!!!  

The feeling of sitting on the deck, catching some rays sounds absolutely glorious to me.  The feeling of the sun warming my skin... and that killer tan I'll get.  Sounds heavenly, doesn't it?   But seriously, who has time for that?   I'm lucky if I get 5 minutes to sit down and enjoy the sun.   

But I want that glorious summer skin glow.  You know what I'm talking about.   The one that just makes you so happy.  But I want it without adding to my skin cancer risk and skin aging and in a shorter amount of time.... which is why JERGENS® is perfect for me!  I get to #CreateYourOwnSunshine on my time and be kind to my skin.  

While I was studying, I wasn't sitting outside in the sun.  I wanted to.  Trust me.  But once I get out there, I get distracted by everything around me, so I stayed inside and focused... but still got a "tan" thanks to JERGENS®  Natural Glow.   

I love how the lotion goes on.  It's smooth and creamy and smells amazing!  I have actually gone through the entire bottle already and just restocked today, but I cannot get enough.  

And the foam?   It's super quick to use and your get a really nice looking tan with it.   It's light and smells amazing too.  

JERGENS® suggests that you not shower or get wet for 8 hours after application, which completely makes sense  I wouldn't put it on before going swimming or going for a run anyway.  I'd wait until afterwards anyway!   And once you wait, this lovely lotion doesn't sweat off at all!  Seriously, if you are out and about and see JERGENS®  Natural Glow, I'd grab it and bring it home with you.  It's one fabulous product that will give you that natural glow and leave you with soft, great smelling skin.  

This opportunity was brought to me through my relationship with Women's Health Magazine as an #WHActionHere.  As always, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.  


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