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My Beach to Beacon Race Recap

I don't know how many times I have run this race.  A lot.  How about that?   It's only the biggest road race in Maine with the nearly 6500 runners in the small town of Cape Elizabeth.   I seriously have a love/hate relationship with it.

I love the course.  The views are amazing.  The fans are pretty great too!  The finish ends at my mom's favorite lighthouse of all times.  

I've been praying for rain for this race for years.   It's probably never going to happen.  But I can keep trying, right?   It's usually a hot and humid day.  This year, it wasn't as hot, but it was definitely rather humid.   BUT there was actually a breeze a few times along the course.  So, I am guessing that's a plus?  

Anyway.  What do I not like about this race?   The craziness in getting to the start.  That's probably the only thing that drives me crazy.  Leaving the house by 5:30 to get to the SMCC shuttle site by 6:30 can cause some headaches in my house, mostly because t…

What A Weekend! And a chance to win $300 worth of prAna

With a week left of summer before we head back to school, I feel this crazy amount of pressure to squeeze in all kinds of summer fun!  

Last Friday, I took the kids to Funtown/Splashtown.   We picked the perfect day for our trip, it was warm but not overly hot and I'm thinking everyone had fun.  
Izzy tried out driving for the first time.  She took this responsibility quite serious.  
We've been wanting to paint the house all summer long.  So waiting until the last week of summer to start the process seems completely logical.  Right?  

In my opinion, we seriously have until November to finish this project anyway.  And it's weird... the entire time I felt like I was being watched.  I kept hearing this Michael Jackson songover and over again in my head.  Yep.  Mallie is always watching me.  She wants to be with her people!  

Of course, it only made sense to run on the treadmill, in red, white and blue while watching the Men's Olympic Marathon.   And you would have thought I w…

SKINS DNAmic Compression product review {+giveaway}

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by SKINS through my partnership with Fit Approach. While I received a pair of SKINS for this review, I did not receive any additional compensation. As always, all opinions are my own.

It just seems like yesterday summer began.... and now it's nearly over!    Where does the time go?  Oh that's right.  I spent my summer studying for the Praxis, coaching summer track, having fun with the kids, and marathon training.   Summer always flies by... but no problem.  There will be many more summers to come and enjoy!   (at least that's what I'm telling myself while inside I have a meltdown about having to get my classroom ready for another year!)  

This busy crazy momma has put a lot of miles on her feet and legs this summer in preparation for marathons 7 & 8 and I've been super excited to put SKINS to the test with my training, with running, strength, recovery, you name it.  SKINS has been amazing.  

So, the big question here is what …

Run More, Stink Less

I'm seriously not sure how I manage to work during the school year!  My days are packed full everyday in the summer.  This appointment.  That appointment.  Tires. Doctors. Registrations.  Pets.    Then there's track for the kids and my marathon training!Add in the beach time and other fun things... and summer is packed!  

It's not wonder I wash 2-3 loads of super stinky laundry each day!   We're always moving.  Always on the go.  Always sweating.  Not to mention I have a teenager.... so he just naturally has a funk.   I've been super appreciative of being able to test out Win Detergent over the past few weeks!  

Win Detergent comes in two different scents.  The Blue Bottle is my favorite.  The smell is amazing.   It's light and fresh.  The Green Bottle is the dye free, fragrance free version made especially for people with sensitive skin. 

I still love how it takes out the stink, but I do love some fresh smells with my laundry! These laundry detergents were ser…

That time I ran Mount Washington

Wait!  What?  I haven't done my Mt. Washington Road Race recap?  I'm seriously slacking.  BIG TIME!   It's not that I am avoiding the race recap.  Not at all.  Life has been crazy!  

Way back in February, I did it.  I put my name in the lottery again for the Mt. Washington Road Race.  I survived the first year, so I thought I would put in more training this time and perform way better.  Makes sense, right?   Last year I was in the midst of marathon training and only did a few weeks of hill work... but I had the endurance piece going for me.  This year, I pushed the incline training but wasn't training for a marathon, so my furthest distance was about 13 miles this time around.  Sadly, I didn't get selected in the regular lottery.  BUT, I'm a Maine Track Club member, and Maine Track Club gets a few bibs to lottery off.  Which the Maine Track Club deal, if I get selected, I have to provide a volunteer.... insert Ward.  The best husband around.  

My last day of sc…