Miles For Miracles Raffle/Giveaway!

It's been 3 weeks since I ran Clarence DeMar..... and I run THEY New York City Marathon in 3 weeks.   I *might* be freaking out a little bit!   Just a tiny bit.  I mean, I'm going from 300 people to 50,000.  Yeah... all of those zeros.  CRAZY!   Maine girl right here, going to big city NYC.   

I know for one thing, it's going to be experience!    I'm nearly done with my fundraising...  my Paint Night fundraiser is tomorrow night, then I'll add the $ from both Paint Nights to my account and done!  

But I feel like I want to do one more little fundraiser.   Just that added push!  And since the deadline for the fundraiser is Monday!  EEEK!    I am going to squeeze in a FLASH raffle/giveaway on my blog!  

my singlet for the race!  I need to write a message in the box....  what should I write?

As you may or may not know, I'm running NYCM for #MilesforMiracles to raise funds for Boston Children's Hospital.   My son, Tucker, has had several surgeries at Boston Children's Hospital - and I'm quite thankful for the outstanding care our entire family received during our many visits.  It's an amazing facility and incredible people.   If any of your children or anyone you know has gone to Boston Children's Hospital, then you know how amazing it is!!!     You can read my story about Tucker here.  

For this FLASH Raffle/Giveaway.....
* for each donation of $10, you get 1 entry in the raffle.  Comment below how many entries you get ... and I'll verify from my donation page!  
* I'll hand draw the raffle on Monday and contact the winners!  
* The first person drawn with have the first choice.... second person will get the second choice.... etc.  
* Donations/entries can be made starting NOW and will end Sunday evening 10/16 at Midnight!  

The prizes are below

iFit watch  

fit wrist to hold necessities while out and about

tommie copper ankle socks

orange marathon ProCompression

Donations can be made here on my Miles For Miracles page HERE!

Thank you!!!!!


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