Friday, October 28, 2016

Runtastic Fitness Channel Review + Giveaway

disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Runtastic Fitness Channel thru my ambassadorship with Fit Approach and #SweatPink.  All opinions are 100% my own.  

Happy Friday!  I'm so excited to share some exciting news with you all!   Have you ever visited the Runtastic Fitness Channel?   You see, YouTube isn't just for funny videos, you should definitely head over there and subscribe to the Runtastic Fitness Channel right now!     

There are a ton of great videos to watch ranging from delicious recipes, to workouts, to learning how to SUP, to what to wear when running.   There are videos for everyone!  The one video that caught my eye was the 6 Minute No Gym Beach Body.  I'm not a fan of dragging myself out in the winter but I am a huge fan of new workouts I can do at home.  So, I'm adding this great video to my bag of tricks that I can do when I'm snowed in this winter!   (It's coming.  I know!)

Another workout I absolutely fell in love with is the Top 6 Yoga Poses for Runners.   Ohh..... those tight hips I get when running.   I'm going to be doing this video ALL week in preparation for NYCM!  (eek!) 

So are you ready for even better news?   I would LOVE it if you joined me for the 5-Day Instagram Challenge November 1st through the 5th!   You'll have the chance to learn some new exercises AND win prizes!  Yay Prizes!  And by prizes, I mean you can win a code that will get you a 12-Month Premium Subscription to the Runtastic app (available on iOS and Google Play).

Check out the themes for each day:

Follow me on Instagram HERE to participate in the challenge!

*When you head out to do your grocery shopping this week, get a pumpkin too, because Day 4 includes a fun workout with a pumpkin.  Feel free to decorate it as well.

But before the Instagram Challenge even happens, I have 4 codes to give away NOW for the Premium Subscription right here on Running With The Girls!   To enter, comment below with you absolute favorite way to sweat!

Here are the contest rules:
The contest runs 10/28/16 - 11/5/16.  
*No purchase necessary.  Void where prohibited. 
*4 winners will be selected via  Open to world wide citizens 18 years of age or older.  
* Must have a valid email address and most be identifiable via your comment.  
* Winner(s) will be notified via email (if available) and/or blog post, and will have 24 hours to claim prize.  If original winner does not claim prize within 24 hours, an alternate winner(s) will be selected.
* Contestants must comment on this blog post in order to win.

Happy Sweating Everyone!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Must Have Tool #levergear

Let's be clear.  I do not have a lot of tools.  If I need a tool, I have to take the trek to the basement or the barn, go through the husband's tools and hopefully pick the right one to do the job.  Sometimes it takes me quite a few trips to get the right one and that's frustrating!    

I don't need a lot of tools in my life, but when I do, I want something handy right away.  Which is why I like the LEVER Gear Toolcard.   This 1 card has 40 tools and hundreds of uses!  

I haven't needed to use it for most of the uses listed above but I'm sure I'll need it for a lot of those uses eventually.   I like to tuck it into the front pocket of my "wallet" and I have it with me whenever I need it!   I really like having my own "set of tools" in one handy little device.  

It's small and easy to take with you wherever you go.   And if you have kids, good luck at keeping it away from them!   My kids wanted to use it for everything they could think of.  Which, honestly, I think is a fabulous idea!  

One of my favorite uses was when a student came over to me, holding a screw and said "this just fell out of my desk".  Really?  It just fell out of your desk?  Never mind the pencil led I had to pry out of the screw first before I pulled out my cool LEVER Gear Toolcard and repaired that desk all by myself.    

Now, I don't carry pocket knives on me like my husband, so when I get home and there are the several boxes from Amazon waiting for me, I usually have to get a knife out of the utensil drawer or find some scissors.  But the box opener works absolutely perfectly with the LEVER Gear Toolcard.  AND I didn't have to dirty a knife from the drawer.   

There are times when I have absolutely zero idea where my bottle opener is.    I used to have one on my keys, and I have several in the drawer, but if we're at a gathering, I hate asking the host for a bottle opener, repeatedly.  LEVER Gear Toolcard has a great bottle opener.  You know, for opening up sodas.  

Personally, with Christmas coming up, I KNOW someone in your life would love the LEVER Gear Toolcard   It's a great stocking stuffer for just about anyone.  

isclosure of Material Connection: I received LEVER for free from LEVER Gear as coordinated by Outdoor PR in consideration for review publication.   As always, all opinions I express on my blog are 100% my own.  

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Be Kind to Your Joints!

With all of that running I do, my joints take a beating!   I want them to stay happy for a LONG time, as I plan on being here for a LONG time!  

With the TCS New York City Marathon just around the corner for me, I have maybe be obsessed with  the infographics.  

This one is one of my favorites.  I know many people who run far more than that per week in a training cycle, but let's just look at this.  If the average runner does run 34 miles per week, how many steps does a person take per mile?  This question really depends on the runner, their stride, their pace, and so many other factors.  But let's just say, for fun, that the average runner takes 1760 steps per mile.  That's nearly 60,000 steps in a training week.  Now, depending on body type/weight/form and a whole lot of other factors, imagine the amount of impact those steps have on your bones and joints.  It kind of makes me hurt just thinking about it.  

That is why I love to take collagen when I'm training.  But what in the world does collagen do for your joints?  Well, let me tell you what I have found out!  

Collagen actually improves skin and hair, repairs joints, helps leaky gut, boosts metabolism,  strengthens teeth and nails, helps detox, and reduces cellulite and stretch marks.   As we age, our natural collagen production actually slows down.   Say hello to wrinkles, saggy skin, weaker joints as well as a whole long list of other issues!

NeoCell has released some new products such as Move Matrix.   And the Move Matrix Advanced Joint Hydrator actually has tumeric in it; which helps to reduce inflammation.   Imagine the amount of inflammation going on after a long run!    

Move Matrix helps to promote healthy joints by supporting joint flexibility and range of motion with Collagen Type 2, Tumeric, and Hyaluronic Acid. 

NeoCell's Joint Bursts are another one of the newer products.  They give your joints the fluidity and lubrication with a delicious chew rather than a pill.  

They come in the Tropical Tang flavor which I really like!  They are also gluten free, soy free and NON GMO.   

I've been in the habit of taking one of these after every run.   If I want to continue to run well into my 80's, I need to make sure I enter my 40's taking care of myself right?  Actually, I should have been taking care of myself all along, but it doesn't hurt to amp it up now with some added collagen!  Thanks, NeoCell!!!

Derma Matrix Collagen Skin Complex is another new product by NeoCell.  This lovely powder is SO easy to use.  I just add it to my shakes in the morning.  

Then just shake, drink and enjoy.  The Derma Matrix focuses in on the skin those wrinkles and fine lines that creep up on you (well, me) as I age. 

ugh ugh ugh.... I'm aging!!!!    

 It actually improves elasticity in the skin, slows down hair loss, repairs connective tissues for improved elasticity, improves circulation, helps to build lean muscle and helps burn fat while you sleep.    Now you can see why collagen is so important! 

With NeoCell in my corner, I can slow down this aging skin thing and keep my body/joints happy!  I think you should check out NeoCell!  

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Time Is Precious

It's the moments we get with our loved ones, the smiles, the laughter, the hug, the special look, the "I love you's" that mean the most.  It's those moments that you cherish and reflect on when things get crazy.  At least, that's what I do.  When everything seems like there's no winning, there's no way out, I stop and look around and think about those precious moments that got me to where I am.  And I remember that I have so much to be thankful for.

It all comes down to time is precious.    Time with your loved ones.  

Time at the game, watching your boy do the thing he loves.   

Time on the town dock, with the kids, enjoying a gorgeous night.   

Time to stop and smell the roses.   

If I could just go back in time to hug my mom one more time.  And hold on to her tight and never let go.  Just one more time.  

When I stop and smell the roses and take in the precious people and moments  in my life, I know I'm the lucky one.     

I was sent the Fieldcrest women's watch in Zebrawood and Maple.  My Jord watch isn't just a timepiece.   It's a work of art worn on your wrist, reminding that life is beautiful and natural.  It reminds you of the precious times you have spent doing the things you love most.    

The creators behind Jord believe: 


This is a beautiful message.  One that definitely rings true with me.  I'm a lucky owner of a Jord watch, and I'll treasure it for a long time.   I would love to be able to pass it down to Izzy one day.  

Being married to a man who has built nearly all of our furniture and who has a strong appreciation for fine wooden design; I appreciate the time and inspiration that went into creating each and every single one of the Jord watches.   To me, they are simply the most beautiful watch I've ever seen.

The Fieldcrest Zebrawood & Maple is definitely my favorite because it has a classic look that works for men and women (stay away, husband! this is my watch).

How can you NOT love these watches?   Check them out!

disclosure: I was sent a Jord watch as part of my partnership with Jord.   I was not required to provide a positive review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  

Friday, October 14, 2016

Miles For Miracles Raffle/Giveaway!

It's been 3 weeks since I ran Clarence DeMar..... and I run THEY New York City Marathon in 3 weeks.   I *might* be freaking out a little bit!   Just a tiny bit.  I mean, I'm going from 300 people to 50,000.  Yeah... all of those zeros.  CRAZY!   Maine girl right here, going to big city NYC.   

I know for one thing, it's going to be experience!    I'm nearly done with my fundraising...  my Paint Night fundraiser is tomorrow night, then I'll add the $ from both Paint Nights to my account and done!  

But I feel like I want to do one more little fundraiser.   Just that added push!  And since the deadline for the fundraiser is Monday!  EEEK!    I am going to squeeze in a FLASH raffle/giveaway on my blog!  

my singlet for the race!  I need to write a message in the box....  what should I write?

As you may or may not know, I'm running NYCM for #MilesforMiracles to raise funds for Boston Children's Hospital.   My son, Tucker, has had several surgeries at Boston Children's Hospital - and I'm quite thankful for the outstanding care our entire family received during our many visits.  It's an amazing facility and incredible people.   If any of your children or anyone you know has gone to Boston Children's Hospital, then you know how amazing it is!!!     You can read my story about Tucker here.  

For this FLASH Raffle/Giveaway.....
* for each donation of $10, you get 1 entry in the raffle.  Comment below how many entries you get ... and I'll verify from my donation page!  
* I'll hand draw the raffle on Monday and contact the winners!  
* The first person drawn with have the first choice.... second person will get the second choice.... etc.  
* Donations/entries can be made starting NOW and will end Sunday evening 10/16 at Midnight!  

The prizes are below

iFit watch  

fit wrist to hold necessities while out and about

tommie copper ankle socks

orange marathon ProCompression

Donations can be made here on my Miles For Miracles page HERE!

Thank you!!!!!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Clarence DeMar Recap

The marathon is a very humbling experience.   You train for it for months.  It's seriously like a second job.     You practice race day fueling and hydration each time you do a long run.  You crush your workouts and go into a race feeling strong and confident.  

For me, sometimes the end result is a PR.  Sometimes it's not even close to a PR.   It's a challenging distance that's for sure and a lot can happen over the course of 26.2 (or so) miles.  I've been wanting to do the Clarence DeMar marathon for a few years now.  The gorgeous setting, the downhill elevation profile.  That combination seemed perfect for me!  

Last weekend, the husband, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, a friend of ours, and myself loaded up our cars and headed to Keene, NH for the big day.  We picked up our packets, checked into our cabin, then went out for dinner.  It was relaxing day. 

That night, I slept quite well, considering we were in a different place.  Lately I haven't been sleeping well at all, so this actually surprised me.  I woke up, put on my selected Spandits boardies, Headsweats visor, Miles and Pace #SundayRunday tank, my ProCompression elites, and my Altra One 2.5s.  The normal attire for me.  I also loaded up my Camelbak with SOS Rehydrate, stocked up on my HoneyStinger and UnTapped Maple Syrup packets.   

Then I put on the finishing touch.... my throwaway fleece robe, I picked up at the employee store.    

Without any race supporters, we had to take the shuttle to the start, which was an elementary school - INDOORS/HEAT!   The porta-pottys were outside, but no big deal.  We had a meet up with Derek Zardus, a running pal of mine taking on 50 marathons in 1 year.  He just ran #40 yesterday!  He's cranking them out that's for sure!  

The race start was easy and relaxing.  I didn't shed the robe until after the starting gun went off.  No sense in standing on the front line.  I'm not going to win the thing.   My timing chip doesn't start until I cross the starting line!  So I vote stay warm!  

My first 9 miles I was super consistent.... 8:36 miles.  I felt pretty darn awesome.  Just after the half, there was a small uphill to a dam, and I started to feel the wheels come off.  But I reined it in.  It was at that time I stopped looking at my paces on my watch and just focused on the race.   Then my quads decided they were done.  As in, they were complete done running down hills.  It hurt like a *&#@# to run downhills.  I could handle the uphills no problem.  But the downhills!?  UGH!  

About mile 21/22 ish, I knew I was toast.  My only goal at that time was to finish.  And to finish with a smile and uninjured.  I have NYCM in 5 weeks.  

I finished the race in 4:10.  My exact median race time.  I've had 3 faster, and 3 slower.  So all in all, a solid effort.   I guess.  I'm still bummed by it.   But that's what happens when you run a marathon.  Well, for me anyway.   Could I have pushed past the pain in my quads and run faster?   Ward says my form was just a mere shuffle at the end.  How long was I shuffling?     I didn't even realize I was shuffling.    

Let's just say, my legs were SORE after this marathon!  This was me on the drive back to Maine.  Legs in the air, wearing ProCompression tights.   The best!

The best thing about running a marathon is enjoying the food that I steered clear from during training.  My friend calls this untraining.   I've enjoyed it immensely.

But now I'm back on track and ready to start running again!  NYCM is up next!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Running With RunLites

Fall is HERE!  While I love the crisp cool air, the gorgeous colors as the leaves change, all of the pumpkin and my fall marathons. 

 It's sad to see the daylight hours getting shorter and shorter.  There just isn't enough time in the day! Which leaves us runners with less time to get our run done during daylight.   That's why RunLites are amazing!

look at how bright that light is!  

I'm normally not one to run at night.  Especially long distances.  However, I will go out for a shorter distance at night.  There is something about the fresh air and a run after a long day that is quite relaxing.   

I admit it.  I am nervous about running at night.  I need to know that I will be seen by an oncoming car AND I need to know that I can see where I'm going.  RunLites are amazing.  I get tired of carrying things on my runs.  

But what if I put on some fingerless gloves with a light.  My hands don't get overheated... I can direct where i want the lights.  The lights are super bright.  Cars can see me.   It seems to me that this is a winning kind of situation?  

Look at how bright these lights are?  Even in the foggy area, they were super bright and I felt like I could see quite well.   I had my photographer take photos of me before it got TOO dark so you could see me a little bit.  

How do you handle shorter days with running?  Do you have a favorite way to "light" your run?