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Thank Goodness it's Hump Day!

A short week can seriously mess you up!   Actually, I don't think I ever recovered from the past weekend.   Saturday was packed full of cleaning and decorating for Izzy's birthday party.  No run.  But I was dead tired!   

We had Tuesday off due to a nor'easter that brought us a ton of sleet. I did take advantage of the day off and got in 8 miles yesterday in my pain cave.  My workout called for hill intervals.  Given the icy and dangerous conditions outside, I felt the treadmill would be the best place to get in my workout.   And I was right!  I did have to wear my Embrace the Hill tank for motivation to get me through an intense workout.   It matches my Spandits perfectly! 

It was so messy, we had a 2 hour delay this morning.   I am thankful for the call being made, it was for everyone's safety.  The roads were still quite dicey when I went into school.  But the shortened schedule still makes for a crazy day!  You know what it's like when your schedule is thrown o…

Bradbury Squall Race Report

I finally crossed SnowShoe Race off my bucket list!   It's been something I've been wanting to do and when I purchased my running snowshoes last month, I knew I had to finally take the plunge and register myself for a race.   The Bradbury Squall 3.5 miler is done!

I was rather nervous that the race was going to be cancelled due to our lack of snow or that the race would be a trail race.   But then the email came from the race director - the race was ON and to wear snowshoes.   I had been prepping myself for a sloppy, winter trail race - but was excited because I have been wearing the sweet KingMT's that Altra will be releasing in the next month.  

When reality sunk in that I was indeed going to be running my first snowshoe race, I became SO nervous.  I had only run in my new Atlas 22's, twice since I purchased them.  I have also been on the treadmill a TON lately.  How on earth does that prepare me for a snowshoe race?  It doesn't.

I got to the race early to get my bi…

Compression Just Got Better #KProChallenge

We're just a few weeks into the new year and only a couple of weeks away from my first race of the year.  Training is going well!  I'm learning to push myself through some tough workouts - intervals, hills, distance, strength workouts.  And they are leaving me tired and sore.  A good kind of sore!

I will be honest.  I have spent a ton of time inside on the treadmill.  It's seriously so much easier for me to not worry about the kids schedules, less daylight, and cold.   I can just put on a tank, grab a towel, and bring my phone downstairs to enjoy some Netflix loving time and to bang out some miles on my treadmill.  

It's #SundayRunday !!!! How far did you run today? 🏃 10 miles for me! #dreambig A photo posted by Jen Boudreau (@runningwtg) on Jan 15, 2017 at 8:19am PST

Sunday morning I woke up so sore!  My legs were saying no more! But I had 10 miles to get done.  Then I remembered my 12 miler last weekend and I had similar feelings.   I wore my SKINS K-PROPRIUM tight…

Lumo Run a 1:1 Running Coach?

You don't know how many times, just after I finish a race, Ward is telling me about how awful my form is.   In my head, my form rocks.  But, then I see race photos and listen to Ward and I know it needs help.  Like BIG time help!

A majority of the time, I run alone.  I would rather run with a partner, don't get me wrong.  But scheduling doesn't always allow it.  When I do get to run with someone, it's like a special treat!    As one of my goals this year is to "Master the Half", I know I need to zone in on my form.  Short of having Ward bike beside me and shout corrections at me (which, by the way would be super bad for our marriage),  I am not sure what else I can do.   I guess I could record my form on the treadmill. 

But now I don't have to!  I have my one 1:1 Running Coach, in the form of a simple looking running tool called Lumo Run.  
I had the opportunity to try out Lumo Run at the Boston Marathon Expo back in April.  My first impression was super…

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Happy New Year!  

Normally I do a great job tracking my mileage.  I have a great app on my phone that is super easy to track with.  However, I failed big time by not backing it up when I upgraded to the iPhone 7 and poof that milage was gone.   From there, I lost motivation to really keep track because I didn't what my mileage was when it was deleted.  Ooops!    

I've been known to start off the year with mileage that goes with the year.  Like 11 miles in 2011.    I honestly wasn't feeling like 17 miles today, so I thought a 17k would be fun.  

On the treadmill.  Talk about MIND OVER MATTER for sure!  Thank goodness for Netflix and Audio 66 wireless headphones.   The combination of the two have gotten me through tons of mileage on the treadmill!  

I'm not one to make New Year's Resolutions because you put so much emphasis on starting off the year and then fail one time and that resolution is out the window.  I like to set goals for the year with smaller steps along…