Thank Goodness it's Hump Day!

A short week can seriously mess you up!   Actually, I don't think I ever recovered from the past weekend.   Saturday was packed full of cleaning and decorating for Izzy's birthday party.  No run.  But I was dead tired!   

at least I had my Tokala's from Altra!  happy feet for sure

We had Tuesday off due to a nor'easter that brought us a ton of sleet. I did take advantage of the day off and got in 8 miles yesterday in my pain cave.  My workout called for hill intervals.  Given the icy and dangerous conditions outside, I felt the treadmill would be the best place to get in my workout.   And I was right!  I did have to wear my Embrace the Hill tank for motivation to get me through an intense workout.   It matches my Spandits perfectly! 

It was so messy, we had a 2 hour delay this morning.   I am thankful for the call being made, it was for everyone's safety.  The roads were still quite dicey when I went into school.  But the shortened schedule still makes for a crazy day!  You know what it's like when your schedule is thrown off!    My water bottle adorned with this beautiful Momentum Jewelry bracelet, was a nice reminder to take a moment and Just Breathe.  

The day started out late, but it went super late!   And when I finally got home, I saw this post on FB and it completely described how I was feeling!   

So true.  But I do it to myself.  I take on too much sometimes.   BUT, the way I balance things out with the crazy life, is to make time for myself.  So after dinner and after I let it settle for a bit (I'm not good at running after I eat at all!)... I made my way down to my pain cave for another date with the TM.

Seriously.  How much do I love this combo?  One leg tiger stripe, the other leg abyss.  Spandits - you seriously make me happy with your custom styles!   They look perfect with my Darn Tough socks and black Altra One 2.5s.  Plus, I think I'll be wearing these ALL of the time when I'm coaching this spring!   Gardiner Tiger colors and print ALL THE WAY!   

Like I said.  Thank goodness it's hump day.  Now we are technically more than halfway through the week.... I am positive I can make it through Thursday and Friday now.    Well, that is, I can just avoid ALL of the negative stuff on social media.  Seriously!  I just want FB filled with happy thoughts.  Ward and I were talking tonight.  Can we just post pics of our kids doing odd things, or cute puppies, or fishing trips or whatever and stay away from all of the name calling and meanness!   End rant.  

Now, we can focus on a great and happy end of the week.   What plans do you have for the weekend?   I am not racing, so I'm excited to run with the group at KVC and get in some snowshoe running!  



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