2017 MidWinter Classic Recap

My 6th MidWinter Classic is in the books.   If you live in Maine, I believe this is the must-do race in the winter.  I look forward to it each year and this year was no different.  

MidWinter Classic is a 10 mile race in Cape Elizabeth usually held the morning of Super Bowl Sunday.  You never know what the weather will be like.  One year the temperature was in the 40s and I wore shorts!  But this year was definitely not shorts weather (for me anyway).  

It was actually a pretty nice day.  Sunny, in the high 20/low 30s but windy.  I opted for my Spandits fleece lined Bandit, Spandits custom tights (half Abyss and half Fast Cat), Darn Tough socks, Mizuno gloves, Altra One 2.5s, and my Altra half-zip top.  

Before heading down to the race, I rolled out my tight hamstrings (and calves, quads, IT band... the works).  I love how my Trigger Pin does the job. 

I mostly chose my One 2.5s because they had my Momentum shoe charms "Finish Strong" on them; always the best inspiration on race day! 

Pre-Race photo op with Emilie, fellow Altra Ambassador.  Love repping Altra!  This is one race I usually don't care too much about being in the front.  It's a great race.  Not too big, not too small.   It's only crowded for the first 10th of a mile, then after that, you can find your pace rather easily.  So I usually just hang out in the back.  This time, I was definitely not ready when the cannon went off.   But I quickly kissed Ward, our pre-race ritual, then off I went.  

The hardest part of the race is to not go out too fast.  The first couple of miles are mostly downhill.  This year, I had been battling a cold the entire week before the race, so I knew going into the race that it was not going tone a fast one.  I just wanted a good workout.    As I've run this race 6 years, I know exactly when I need to smile and be ready for David Colby of Maine Running Photos.    Thank you, David!  

The course itself was great.  The hills were exactly where they were the last 6 years.  They didn't get any smaller, which is a shame.  But I was ready for them.   And finishing smiling is always a plus!     I finished in 1:25 and change, 6 minutes shy of a PR but 6 min faster than my slowest MWC, so I'm good with this.   And I didn't end up with Pneumonia like I did after the race one year.  

I couldn't wait to get out of my smelly clothes and put on something dry, comfy, and cute!   My #LoveRun t-shirt from Run Far Gear is a definite favorite of mine. (PS I'm a new Ambassador for Run Far Gear.  Use code RFG2017JB for 10% off!)

While it wasn't my fastest year, and I was FAR off from any age group placing, my husband was 3rd in his age group and scored this awesome backpack!  I love the different prizes MWC hands out to the winners and AG winners each year.  

After the race, we went to C Salt, a cute market just beside Cape Elizabeth HS.  We could smell the deliciousness as we ran past it toward the finish and had to check it out.  I chose the perfect breakfast/lunch - the burrito with green tea and a blueberry Kombucha.  My only question is why haven't we gone there before? We've been missing out.  

One more thing.  I do love how MidWinter Classic has kept the same style of race shirts each year for the past few years.  The simple style is something I really like, but the color this year is my all-time favorite.  Thank you, MidWinter Classic for putting on a fabulous race each year!  I am already thinking about next year's race!  



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