Life as a track coach!

I was absolutely positive that coaching would not interfere with my blog.   Wow! I was wrong.  

I still blogged.  In my head.  I wrote amazing posts.  But by the time I got home, made dinner, got in my own run, and prepped for the next day......  yeah, I didn't want to open up the computer again.  All of those posts.... gone.  Because, I'm old and can't remember shit!  

Gotta love it when my Spandits match the school athletic cart! 

Don't get me wrong.  I seriously LOVED coaching track this spring.  It was my first year as head coach and it was a blast.  A steep learning curve and still loads more to learn.  But it was fun.   

He has work to do (get lower to the hurdle) but he made lots of progress this year too! 

It makes the summer track program I started 4 years ago even more meaningful.   I have a newfound love for summer track.  A program I was starting to resent "giving up" my summer.  But not so much.  I see it in a different light.  I see it as a way to hook so many awesome kids to do something fun, with hopes that even if they do not join my HS team when they get to me, they are hopefully heading toward a sport, active life that will keep them moving and happy for many years to come.  I also see it as a way to foster my HS athletes and help develop leadership skills.  
This boy in the orange became an incredible 800M runner this year.  
He took nearly 30 seconds off throughout the course of the season.  

How does this feel?  Amazing.   
Izzy's first year with summer track, rocking the race walk! 

How did coaching impact my running?  At first, it didn't.  During preseason, I ran with my athletes.  And then ran in the mornings before school as well.  But as the season went on, I found myself more and more tired.  My mileage dropped BIG time in May and June.  Like 85ish miles each month.  No wonder my race times have sucked.  Do I regret it?  No way!!!  
Izzy over the years.... getting older and faster!

I feel like my body got a nice little recharge and I'm even more determined and motivated to push hard this summer!   Look out friends!!!  

I AM relentless.  This tank is perfect for me!  Thank you ShineAthletica!


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