prAna is where it's at! #giftedprAna

I was sent a pair of Kara Jeans and the Rockaway Jacket as part of this campaign for prAna.  I was not required to give a positive review.  As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  

On my (very short) list of must-have clothing, prAna is at the top.   Not only does prAna stand for amazing quality they are a company that prides themselves for their sustainability.   prAna's clothing line includes many pieces that are Fair Trade, recycled clothing, and hemp clothing.   That very fact that prAna is conscientious about the materials they use to create their gorgeous and amazingly comfortable clothing makes prAna a company I will always go to when I want to add more to my daily collection.   

In addition to the sustainability of prAna, they also make the most comfortable workout and day-wear clothing I've ever worn!    A little backstory for me, many of you know I'm a teacher.  I absolutely hated wearing "school clothes" to work.  I would long to wear leggings and dresses and anything running related I could.  But the problem was, I am not a PE teacher.    It doesn't really look professional to wear leggings and a hoodie - which is what I would prefer.  

Then I found prAna.  Specifically, the Kara Jean.   In my honest opinion, the best jeans ever made.  They come in a huge range of colors and prints.  What I lover about them is I can wear all of the colors, a comfy prAna top, add in some fun flats or boots and boom!  I look and feel great!   

I feel that if I can do yoga in a pair of jeans, then that company is doing something pretty freaking amazing.  prAna - you are amazing!       

I also feel that when I actually choose a pair of Kara jeans for a 9 hour drive from Pennsylvania to Maine, then prAna is doing something very right.   Before I would put on a pair of yoga pants or sweatpants for the ride.  But the Kara jeans are the perfect jeans for anyone with any body type.   Can you tell I freaking love them?   

I've loved my prAna tops very much over the years as well.   The newest addition, my Rockaway Jacket, tops them all.   Somedays I wear it as a top and somedays I wear it as a layering hoodie.  Either way, I'm winning at life when I wear this comfy and stylish, woman cut hoodie.   

To be honest, my classroom is freezing!  Not just in the winter.  But all year long.  When it's hot outside, the A/C nearly blasts me out of my room.  I'm the person who brings her down jacket to school on a super warm fall day because I know that A/C is going to freeze me!   The Rockaway Jacket not only looks a lot nicer than the down jacket, but it's amazingly comfortable and super cute.   Everyone needs one of these!  

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the guy or gal in your life?  Let me introduce you to prAna.  You’ve GOT to check out prAna’s holiday gifts for under $50 for women and men! If you are looking to get someone the best gift you could possibly give this season (or yourself - I won't tell!) - use my code CMRG17 for 15% off (non sale items) and free shipping until 12/15.  Don't wait!  This deal won't last forever.   Let's go shopping!   


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