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Getaway with prAna

I received the tankini top and bottom through my affiliation with prAna. I was not required to post a positive review.  As always all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  

Sometimes you just need to getaway.  Self care is a lovely thing.  And it seriously doesn't take much.    Being able to make the call that you need a break might be the hardest part.  But after that, and you are where you need to be, the world seems like a much happier place.  

To be honest, it doesn't take much to getaway.   You don't need a fancy job with a lot of money and vacation time.   All you need is a place to go.    That's really it.   Now, when you have that place to go in mind.   What will you be wearing?   I hope you say "something that makes me feel and look good".  Because, let's be honest again.  When you feel good and look good AND you are somewhere that makes you happy, all is right with the world.  It's that simple!  

This Mother's Day I didn't …

Get Outside!

I was sent coupons to sample noosa yoghurt and a La Sportiva Hail jacket as part of this campaign.  I was not required to give a positive review.  As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  

Personally, I think the best way to celebrate Earth Day is to get outside and show the Earth just how much you love it.  Sounds kind of cheesy but really, it's super simple.  Get outside and do something you love while taking in the natural beauty Earthy has to offer us.  

Today was one of those days in Maine, when we were finally able to pop those windows open to air out the stale winter smells and gets some fresh air in our homes or to put the windows down in the car as you let your hair fly around and simply smile.   It's been a long, hard winter and today was an amazing gift.  

In our house, we strive to do our best and purchase items that are considered to be friendly to the earth.  A recent discovery and new family favorite is noosa yoghurt.   A fun fact about noo…

Run More, Worry Less

I cannot remember if I have shared on here, ever, that I have anxiety.  So much.   It went undiagnosed for many years.  I always knew something was off, but couldn't explain it.  Then I remember having a conversation with my primary care a few years back.  Okay, like, 15 years ago.  About these feelings I was experiencing and she suggested that perhaps I had anxiety.

I went through a few years of counseling and took medication for a few years.  I loved the counseling.  Hated the medication.  Having my own person to listen to me and let me reflect was one of the most positive experiences.  Honestly, I'm not really sure why I stopped.  I mean, I'm not "cured".  I don't know if I stopped going or if I was discharged.     The medication though.  Ugh.  I remember taking Paxil.  While I feel it helped me cope, I did not like the way it made me feel.  I didn't like the decreased sex drive.

This was all before I started running.  A LONG time ago!  In the early y…

Living Mindfully

I was sent a pair of Pillar Capris and the Korneli Tank as part of this campaign for prAna.  I was not required to give a positive review.  As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  

Life is too short to live in uncomfortable clothing.   That annoying seam that goes down your leg and rubs you every time you get into pigeon pose.  Or the waist band that rolls down each time you sit down.  Or, even better, showing off your bum and other nether regions each time you down dog.  prAna nailed it with their newest line of pants this spring.   

The creators behind the Pillar pant are active women, just like you and I, who design the clothing they wear.  Keeping us in mind.  This is what it's like to create a product mindfully.   

As a fan of supporting companies who actually wear the clothing they design and put thought into about what their costumers want, I adore prAna for taking this stance.  I'm a longtime lover of prAna - their message, the feel of the clothi…

4 Ingredient No Bake Cheesecake #LifeWithGLG

This post is sponsored by Great Lakes Gelatin in partnership with Fit Approach and the #SweatPink community. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Winter dry skin is no joke! Every year, about November/December, my face absolutely feels dry and uncomfortable. Of course I put on lotion the moment I step out of the shower! And I use Rodan & Fields on my face. But it doesn't make the dryness of my face go away. I've done some research on this before and found that collagen produces great results with skin health.

I've tried collagen products before, but didn't really understand all of the benefits at the time. I think I have a better understand and a HUGE appreciation for collagen now.  Especially given that I am getting OLDER!  Eek!  I'll be 41 in less than 2 weeks.

Collagen benefits:
*improves gut health and digestion
*protects joints and lowers joint pain
*helps improve quality of sleep
*lifts mood and improves cognitive abilities
*improves skin health

Bradbury White Out Recap

Today I ran my 2nd Bradbury snowshoe race for the 2018 season, which was my 2nd time completing the White Out (4 mile) race.   Earlier this week, Maine got dumped on (again) with some fluffy white snow about midweek and then another smaller storm yesterday, which was making for perfect snowshoe conditions.   But then another storm moved in and this time it brought rain.  It rained a bit yesterday and the forecast was calling for rain during the race.  But luckily it did NOT rain during the race.  The weather gods nicely waited until the race was over until the rain started.  

But the little rain we did get made the snow super slushy, which definitely created a super challenging  (and very fun!) course today.   Today I felt great.  I felt ready to take on the trails at Bradbury.  Which was so different than last Sunday's MidWinter Classic.  Today just felt right.    Ward and I got there early, which gave me plenty of time to visit the outhouse a few times and enough time to get in …

MidWinter Classic 2018 Race Recap

It is THE winter road race in Maine.  I've looked forward to this race every year since I started running it.   The MidWinter Classic is a 10 mile race in Cape Elizabeth held on Super Bowl Sunday and it just seems normal to get up and run 10 or more miles, swing by Trader Joes and buy all of the food for the game, then come home and eat/drink and watch some football.   It's just what we do!  

This year was absolutely no exception.    I didn't know what to think of what my race would be like going into this year's MidWinter Classic.   My mileage was WAY down.  I was down and out from a back strain which sidelined me for over a week.   To add to it, I've be sick several times since the start of 2018.  Ugh.   It wasn't looking good for this years race.    But I was registered and I was going to run, so I just ran.  
If you live and run in Maine, you KNOW you are a lucky lady if you get a selfie with Allyn Genest at a race.   He's only Maine's sweetest guy …

Bradbury Squall Race Report

I'm not a winter person.  I've never learned how to ski, ice skate or snowboard.   They never appealed to me.  BUT the one thing I DO love about winter is snowshoeing.    
Add snowshoeing and running together and I'm in love!  For me, snowshoe running is a fun way to break up the year of running.   Last year I completed the Bradbury Snowshoe Series and had an absolute blast.   Signing up for the series this year was an absolute no brainer.   I'm pumped I got in.  While it's no surprise, I don't really enjoy running outside in the winter.  I DO love to strap on my snowshoes and go for a run in those.   

A couple of weeks ago the 1st race of the season took place at Bradbury.   This one was the Squall, which is the 3 miler.   I'm not very good at memorizing races on trails.  All of the twists and turns just blur together to me.   Thankfully I'm not going to be in the lead so I don't really have to worry about it too much.   I usually try to make sure …