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I was sent a pair of Pillar Capris and the Korneli Tank as part of this campaign for prAna.  I was not required to give a positive review.  As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  

Life is too short to live in uncomfortable clothing.   That annoying seam that goes down your leg and rubs you every time you get into pigeon pose.  Or the waist band that rolls down each time you sit down.  Or, even better, showing off your bum and other nether regions each time you down dog.  prAna nailed it with their newest line of pants this spring.   

The creators behind the Pillar pant are active women, just like you and I, who design the clothing they wear.  Keeping us in mind.  This is what it's like to create a product mindfully.   

As a fan of supporting companies who actually wear the clothing they design and put thought into about what their costumers want, I adore prAna for taking this stance.  I'm a longtime lover of prAna - their message, the feel of the clothing, the quality, and their promise to create sustainable products makes me love them even more.   

When I pull on the Pillar Capri, I actually feel the overwhelming sense of fabulousness.  That's a word, right?   Not only do they *look* buttery soft, they actually ARE buttery soft.  And they are thick.  No see through here.  Bye bye see through leggings!  My leggings draw just got a lot emptier because there's no going back now.   I mentioned the waist band above.  This high waist band is comfortable and flattering.   It doesn't roll over like some other waist bands that leave you readjusting every single time you sit or stand.  

There are some brands that when I think of them, I think of only running, or only work.  Not prAna.  This is a brand that is perfect for your everyday, every move you make.  

My Pilar Capris and Kornelie Tank have proven to be some of the most versatile pieces of clothing a girl can have.  They've gone to yogalates and hot yoga with me.  

They were the comfiest travel clothes ever in our 1600 mile travels from Maine to South Beach Miami.

To being the perfect outfit for beach strolling this morning.  

And you guessed it.  I AM obsessed with the newest prAna spring line.   Definitely check it out and if you do fall in love, use the code MPJBS18 for 15% off all regularly priced clothing from 2/20/18 through 3/20/18.  


  1. I really enjoyed my prAna pants and top from this spring line too! I plan on taking them to the beach in March.


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