Rail Trail Chicks

The Rail Trail Chicks have been featured!  Check it out.  Jake at the Rails to Trails Conservancy wrote an incredible article about the Rail Trail Chicks and our love of our own Kennebec River Rail Trail.  It is an incredible honor to be featured on a national site.

Our Girls Night Out - when it comes to birthdays, we've been heading out to a local restaurant (mostly a place where our husbands won't go with us) for a scrumptious meal, yummy drinks, and girl time.  It's extra nice to see each other when we're not gross and sweaty.

Jen, Jill, Stacy & Jess
Run Like You Stole Something

after our 1st sub zero run

our 2nd sub zero run -9F

Jingle Bell 5K, 2011 - Rail Trail Chicks

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