I've been looking forward to the Mid-Winter Classic all week.  I've been tappering down my running and resting as well.  I was even ready for my pasta dinner tomorrow night.  Because I've been excited about the race (and nervous too!) I've been absolutely obsessed with the weather. (Just about as obsessed with it as my father-in-law.  Which is downright scary!)  My excitement about the race came to a end when I read my email this afternoon -  "We are sad to announce that the Mid Winter Classic 10 mile race scheduled for Sunday, February 6th, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine has been cancelled.  The Cape Elizabeth Police Department has informed us that we will not be permitted to host the race due to safety concerns.  Recent storms have caused the snow banks along much of the course that's open to traffic to swell, leaving precious little space in the breakdown lane for a pack of 800 runners.  The Police Department also felt that the town would not have sufficient time to clear the snow expected to fall on Saturday night, salt and sand the roads, and cleanup all the high school parking lots before the race on Sunday morning.  No other acceptable alternatives could be found that would mitigate the risk to runners."  The email goes on with some other race details, but does add that the new race date is Sunday, February 27th, same place, same time.  Well, at least the race really isn't cancelled, it was just postponed!  Postponed to the day before my 34th birthday, but is there any other way to celebrate my birthday other than running 10 miles?

I had to get in touch with my running girls about this news.  We were all in agreement that we are still running this weekend.  At this point, I think we're on for a 10 mile run from Richmond to Gardiner Sunday morning.  Storm or no storm!


  1. I am glad they gave you a good explanation of why it was cancelled.

  2. It is a bummer. But I can completely understand the safety reasons behind the decision making. Now I just get a few more weeks to work on my time! Let's just hope February is a little warmer so some of this snow melts!

  3. Hi Jennifer... we have a remarkably similar list of races this year and I bet we have a lot in common! Thanks for reading my blog, and let's try to meet at the next race we are both running (brunswick?). I don't think I'm going to be able to do the mid-winter classic on the 27th, and I just ran 11 miles on a treadmill since the race was cancelled... bummers all around!

    -Emilie (one mom in maine)

  4. Emilie -
    Thank you for the kind words. I think it would be awesome to meet up with you at the 1/2 in Brunswick. I've been reading your blog for some time now. You are absolutely correct, I think we do have a lot in common. Glad you got in your long run for the weekend. Hearing the wind howl outside right now is not making me feel very excited for my run in the morning!



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