Double Bummer

So, the Midwinter Classic has officially been cancelled.  Yuck.

The girls and I had a night-before-the-big-race pasta dinner with the families at my house.  When 6:30 came (which was the time the organizers for the Midwinter Classic were going to "make the call") we huddled around my computer to find out if were running in Cape Elizabeth or running in Gardiner tomorrow.  I guess we are lucky that we don't have to drive over an hour to run.  (I think)  We have been training for this race forever!  It was originally scheduled for February 6, then postponed until the 27th.

The worst part about it is that Stacy and I will not meet our goal of running 1 race/month for 2011.  

I had a post ready to go about my pre-race jitters and the prepping I got through to get ready for a race.  I guess you'll all have to wait until the next race.  Which is 2 weeks away.  We are going to do the Shamrock 5K in Bath.

Good night all!!!


  1. That is disappointing, you will rock your 5k though!!!


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