I Love Eggs!

We have been very fortunate for a majority of this winter with our egg supply.  It appears as though our chickens are happy, egg laying girls.  We get anywhere from 5-9 eggs a day.  Which means, lots of eggs! 

I love eggs.  I thoroughly enjoy scrambled eggs, egg sandwiches, omelets, “dippy” eggs.   I could eat them every day and be a happy girl.  However, my family doesn’t always feel the same way.  My challenge for February break is to make other recipes using my eggs.  Today’s venture:  quiche.  I could make so many variations of quiche and be happy.  However, I need to make something my meat-loving hubby will enjoy as well.  So, I made a sausage quiche.  

Sausage Quiche
-       10 eggs
-       ½ cup milk
-       8 oz shredded cheddar
-       salt/pepper
-       refrigerated pie crust
-       8 links of breakfast sausage – browned and diced

-       preheat oven to 400 degrees, mix all ingredients, roll out pie crust and press into pie plate, pour mix into pie crust, bake for approx. 45 minutes.  

(note from husband:  it was awesome!)

The girls and I went out for our training run this morning – 9.9 miles.  While the thermometer said 20 degrees, we had a windchill of 2 degrees.  Boy it was way windy.   While we disliked this course the last time we ran it, we opted to do it again for a few of reasons. 
1.     We are hoping it is harder than the Mid-Winter Classic 10 miler next weekend!  (Yes, I know the course has hills, but here’s hoping the Cape Elizabeth hills are nothing compared to some of the Richmond, West Gardiner, Gardiner hills!!!
2.     Last time we ran this course, it had snowed the night before and the roads were horrible.  We didn’t have any fresh snow on the ground today! 
3.     While we all knew we shouldn’t really do 10 today as part of resting for next week’s 10 mile race, we just felt we needed to.  
Final time: 1hr 44 minutes – 9.9 miles.  Slow and steady.  That’s how we like our girls training runs! 
I need to share this.  I came home from this morning’s run to find this water bottle sitting on my counter. I guess you should never drink after your 2 year old!  

I then noticed Tucker’s toenails were a bit too long.  He refused to cut them, so I put nail polish on them.  Once I did his, Izzy wanted hers done, then I wanted mine done!    


  1. I have a great and easy recipe for an easy crustless veggie quiche, although you caould also add meat too. I just prefer the taste without the crust. Let me know if you're interested! -Missie


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