Ideas anyone?


In my quest for pig knowledge, I’ve noticed some super cute pig farm names here in Maine.  Here you go:
  • Chops Ahoy
  • Hog Heaven
  • This Little Piggy

I need some ideas.  I know we’re not an official pig farm.  We’re definitely not going that route.  But I’d like fun name to go along with the gig!  Help! 


  1. Chops Ahoy cracks me up!

    How about:
    "Hog Huggers"
    "Pork Park"
    "'s Pig Gig"
    "Happy Hog Farm"
    "Running With the Pigs Farm"

    Hehe! This is fun!

  2. Oops!
    That was supposed to be:

    "(your last name here)'s Pig Gig"


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