Snow, snow, and more snow!

Yes, I live in Maine.  And yes, I completely understand that it does snow in Maine.  I just don't remember having this many storms in such a short span of time!   It seems like we've had a storm every Wednesday since mid-January.  I do have to say, while we have been dumped on in terms of amounts of snow, I am still running outside!  I have only resorted to running on the treadmill one time due to negative windchills in January.

This Sunday is the Midwinter Classic 10-Miler in Cape Elizabeth, so I've been tappering down my mileage this week to allow some rest before the big race.  I had planning on doing an easy 2 miles today and I am proud to say that I did it!  The wind was coming at me in all directions, which mean ice pellets in the eyes on the way out and on the return.  The plow truck hadn't been down my road for a few hours at that point, so I was running in my yaktrax.  These babies were awesome this morning!  At the end of my run, my Garmin 405 said my pace was 9:13/mile.  I'll take it.  


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