2nd Day

My 2nd run in these shoes:  4 miles in 33:09, average pace: 8:17.
The breakdown -
Mile 1:  8:26
Mile 2: 8:21
Mile 3: 8:19
Mile 4:  8:03

Today I really tried to just take it easy.  I haven’t been feeling well.  Most of the day I thought my head was going to explode.  I don't want to be sick, so I’ve been downing vitamin C packets dissolved in water all day. 

The cheapo Rite-Aid version of Emergen C

I really wanted to run today because I’ll be taking the next two days off from running due to the 5K Saturday morning.  I will more than likely do some type of cross training on my “rest days” – like a Jillian Michaels DVD or two!

Last year's Blarney Day's 5K ...no, I did not run it, but I will this year!
If you will be near Bath on Saturday, there is a whole slew of fun activities going on!

I do have to say that while running today, I was really paying attention to how my foot came in contact with the ground.  With these shoes, I could feel exactly where my foot was landing and was super focused on keeping it light and easy and to not heel strike.  For anyone of my running friends out there who don’t have racing flats, I urge you to get some.  These shoes are incredible and super light!  


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