Dodging Cars

That’s what I felt like I was doing on my road tonight. Seriously?  People need to slow down on my road!  Tonight I went out for my run about 4:45 while Ward made dinner – a yummy breakfast pizza. I normally run toward Richmond, but the people down the road just got these large dogs that like to come out into the road and they really don’t appear to be friendly.  So, tonight I decided to run towards town.  What a big mistake. The traffic was ridiculous!  For my back road, it was crazy.  I know I should probably not run in the range of 5:00 if I’d like to avoid traffic.  I’ll be sure to do that tomorrow!

The plan tonight was speed work, so I did repeat of mailbox training but on a different route.  This route is mostly uphill on the way out, which sucks, but that means that the return is mostly downhill!   

Here are my times;
Mile 1: 7:40 minutes/mile
Mile 2: 8:52 minutes/mile (*this mile was 100% uphill!)
Mile 3: 7:39 minutes/mile (which means this mile was 100% downhill!)
Last 0.67 of a mile: 8:04 minutes/mile
Average:  8:04 for 3.67 miles! 

Now I need to make sure I do some stretching and rolling. 

What’s the plan for tomorrow?  Probably the 4 mile loop at my Izzy’s daycare and definitely not at 5:00! 

Something to share with you.  This is bath time is like at our house. I think Ward has WAY too much fun making bubbles with Izzy!

Thankfully Izzy still enjoys bubbles in the sink.  Although she doesn't really appear to be enjoying the bubbles in this picture!


  1. Running on roads is tough at rush hour! I have routes that I love that I'll only do on weekends or in the middle of the day on days off...I hate it when cars zoom by fast or even swerve toward the shoulder! During busy times I try to stick to neighborhoods with sidewalks or nearby parks.

  2. It's funny to think that my little town in Maine has a "rush hour". That' really doesn't exist in Maine - well, except for maybe Portland, Augusta and Bangor! But I definitely saw more cars on my rural road yesterday than I have in a long time! I normally don't have this problem. :)

  3. I get so nervous running on busy roads! You just never know with some people. Nice job on your mile times!


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